Friday, September 05, 2008


For anyone who has ever been lucky enough to feel this kind of Love, but knowing how it feels to lose it. Never quite being able to get it out of your soul. No regrets, but loving that dangerously... loving the curse. This is for all of us... TGIF.

Vivian Green - "Cursed"

It's R&B, so if you don't like R&B (or rather if you're gonna bitch about it) don't listen. I love music of all kinds. The words are on the screen for this btw.

Oh yes, and don't forget about WTF Friday.


Kenski said...

Spookily, I actually just woke up from a dream in which my partner decided to leave me. I hate dreams like that, because for a split second after you wake up you wonder whether it was real... then again, in the dream I also still had my 'vette but it was walled up in my parents house... where we were living...

Given the unlikely situation at the end I don't think I'll put too much stock in the dream, eh?

Aunt Jackie said...

Nah, no reason to be worrying. Dreams are just us sometimes overthinking things, or worrying, working out problems in our sleep, and I think, sometimes, alternate realities going on at the same time of our current one.

Just keep smiling and living with no regrets!

BBC said...

Vivian is hot, pretty sure I would kiss her tits. Ha, ha, ha.

Yeah, dreams are just your mind messing with itself. Most of the time, but a few of them are valid.

But sorting it all out is a pain in the ass.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I need to call my ex!

.... then again, probably NOT

Awa said...

Hola!!! Seriously loving that blog banner! Rockingly fabulous!!

The Manic Street Preacher said...

not exactly The Pistols eh? I like all kinds too 'cause you miss out if you just slag some kind of music instead of listening.

'cept garage n house which is crap ;-)