Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Safe and Danger (WWC)

Jaxxx is back with Slideshow City for this week's WWC... (brought to us as always by the lovely and mucho talented, as well as sometimes dangerous Tink of Pickled Beef.)

I must make a quick notation that the first two photos are not mine, I swiped them from images, but I thought they were cute and wanted to use them to illustrate this week's words, which are "Safe" and "Dangerous".

Here we go! Enjoy.

Oh yes darlings, if you can't view the slideshow for any reason, Click Here To View.

Tuesday's gone with the Wind (and more rain I guess), so I will see you all tomorrow!


Chatty said...

Fantastic - you outdid yourself this week! Condom dress - WOO HOO! Cracked me UP!

g-man said...


You kicked my ass this week! I was happy to see that "You're safe" was spelled correctly. You have educated graffiti artists :)

That was one entertaining slide show darlin, you rule!

Jay said...

You totally dominated this week. That's kinda hot. LOL

Great job on the words!

Memphis doesn't look safe in so many places. ;-)

Blondie said...

I thought the same thing g-man did... the hooooodlums spelled "You're Safe" correctly. I fucking love that.

Babes... HNT tomorrow. It'll be my first one in more than a year! You're the only other person I know who loves to take pictures of herself as much as I do! Everyone loves tits... don't forget.

kcinnova said...

You dared to follow that car? Very brave of you. And now I have to look back again, because I missed the misspelled graffiti! Must be too early in the morning here...
Your comment about the condom dress was hilarious!

Tink said...

Uh-oh. I think that jaywalker might be a Zombie. Quick, get your kit! I loved the "You're Safe" photo. It gave me a giggle. I wonder what the guy (gal?) was thinking when he/she painted it. Like, "Ha! This'll trick em."

Aunt Jackie said...

Aww Chatty! Thanks. Yes I thought that was cute.

Gman! I could never kick your ass... you're too cool. ;)

Jay! Woo Hoo! Yeah baby. And No, Memphis is sort of the 'sweaty crotch' of a diseased area huh... :)

Blondie! Yes that is funny, I'm surprised they spelled it correctly too. Guess "Hooked On Phonics" has done some good.

I'll check into the HNT--I might need some advice from you, the queen of skin ;)

Kcinnova! Yes, I am quite the brave and daring photographer "slash" driver bwwwahahahah!!!

Tink! :) Why our thugs are very sneaky, it might just be... And the Zombie Jaywalkers (hmmm, there's gotta be a rock song in there somewhere)