Monday, September 29, 2008

Extra Butter

Today started out with a rather peaceful workout on the Elliptical machine accompanied by an episode of "Malcom In The Middle" on CardioTheatre. I was quite pleasantly surprised that "The Clacker" (TM) didn't show up to make the whole thing miserable until the last 8 minutes of my workout. That's semi-acceptable. I can handle that. Besides, she's been strangely "quieter" since I brought the hammer down on her with my complaint to the management. Contrary to Richie's hopeful scenario, she has still not "come for me in the parking lot". Ha!

Even though she has been on good behavior, for some reason, I still cringe when I see her coming and have a brewing hatred for the very sight of her. Guess she's just one of those people.

After working out, we came back home, and I cooked super-charged "Omega 3-6-9" scrambled eggs (with a little shredded cheddar melted in) and turkey bacon. I made a pot of good strong coffee, and I had my coffee with a little whipping creme, Splenda, and a drop of vanilla flavoring. Then, I finished getting ready, and began my official day.

Hitting the Road

The weekend was pretty nice, I enjoyed my Friday and that evening, we grabbed a quick bite to eat and headed off on our Motorcycles with Richie's friend, who borrowed a older white Harley from his Step-Dad. The bike had a considerably more offensive loud engine than ours, of course, since we're still mostly "factory". But we hit the interstate, and once again found ourselves down in Como, Mississippi at The Windy City Grille just to chill for a while, just for the cruising.

[I just had a funny though looking at the "Gas sign" above, and thinking, what if the "Windy City Grille" served "Chili" or something related as its specialty, and it was known for flatulence? hahaha!!]

I was alot more relaxed this time on the Interstate than that very first time. Still, even though there were three of us, we couldn't manage to ride in unison that well. If we're going to do any traveling, we need to get it together and not get lost from one another. I guess the trouble ensued because I told Richie that he was speeding up and slowing down too slow on the way down, and it was forcing me to have to slow down too much to stay off his tail. And then he suddenly decided to pass, and an idiot in a VW bug jumped between us, so I just waited until all the 'Tards had gotten out of the way before passing and catching up to them. So Richie, not wanting to be the brunt of a "you're so slow" parade, decided to break the speed of light on the way back, and Gary, who's already a speed-demon caught up with Richie, and they left me, Mrs. Cruise-and-Relax behind. It did not phase me, I just kept at comfortable speeds, somewhere between 70 - 75 MPH, and enjoyed the sometimes-frigid air ( yes with Fall coming, the nights are a bit nippy).

Don't despair, though, I made sure to 'pretend' to make a big deal out of them leaving me when we got home... saying such things as, "If I'd flailed off the road never to be heard of again, you'd never have known" and then letting Richie know that I actually didn't care that much. I even got off at a different exit then they did, but saw that I was not that far behind. I have to give them a hard time though, it just wouldn't be right if I didn't.

Then there was Saturday, slept in a little bit late, lazed around for a while and enjoyed peace and quiet. Then, later that evening, we got together with Gary and his wife this time, in their car we headed to Harrah's Casino and overindulged at Paula Deen's Buffet. Gary had his photo taken with Paula Deen (o.k. her cardboard stand-up, not her--lmao!! Sorry this is cell-phone quality too, still I thought it was rather funny).

I don't think the couple coming in behind us
was all that impressed with Gary's pose. Haha!

Bellying up to the buffet, the guys had 2 or 3 plates of Oysters (yuck!), along with some Ribs, other seafood and deserts. Valarie and I started with salad, and ended up eating more 'country type foods' like we kind of grew up with. I didn't pass up the fried Shrimp, however... or the desert! Once full as ticks, we waddled out to the car and took a scenic drive before retiring to their house for a little 'New-Age' Monopoly.

Sunday, needless to say, I slept terribly late, and then drove my bike down to Mom and Dad's to check in again because Mom wasn't feeling well, and Dad had an incontinent start to the day, so I went by the store for Mom and made sure she had everything she needed so she wouldn't have to run out to the store while she was crouped up and not feeling well. So then "Jimi" and I cruised back up the highway, riding in on the gorgeous cranberry sunset, and as the sun laid her head down for nightfall, I shivered a little and took in a deep breath, finishing up a pretty nice weekend. Cooked up a low-carb supper for me and the "Old Man", and retired to bed watching this week's episode of "True Blood".

Now let me say something about this show. It is rather cheesy in a way, and I am not sure why I am liking it, but I think I'm hooked. Plus the main Vampire is kind of turning me on for some reason... sexy fangs on that one. I do have to laugh at some of the little goofball ideas they threw in, such as, the "Vampire Bill" that was passed for Vampire's rights, along with the fact that they live intermingled amongst the people that live in the town (although there are alot of "haters"). They have tags on their cars sporting plates such as "FANGS1" (how do they swing this one? The tag office is surely not open at night, and the vampires can't bear the sun and wouldn't be able to go the office during the day?). Plus when they go out to bars, they're asked "What can I get for you?" and the guy ordering might reply, "I'll have a bottle of O Negative." Just cracks me up.

Well, I hope you all enjoyed your weekend as much as I did mine. Tomorrow is Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) day with Tink of Pickled Beef, where our delectable words for the week are, "Time" and "Place". I think that will be a fun one. See you then!


Cynnie said...

I tried the diet your on for a whole 2 weeks ..
Last night at 3 am i made sugar cookies ..and I ate most of it..cookie dough and all :(
please shoot me

Aunt Jackie said...

Ahhh yay! Cynnie! :)

Well girl it's o.k. because the Anabolic diet allows for carbs on the weekends, and those cookies won't phase you. One guy stated that he went wild at a Chinese buffet after the 2 week period, and STILL lost weight.

Jay said...

Hey did you see Vinny from the Big Leather Couch at the buffet?? He was there this weekend too! How funny is that?

So were those scrambled eggs REAL eggs? I hate fake eggs. LOL

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

I don't know Vinnie, that means he was probably right behind me. LOL

Real eggs, yesirree... They weren't half bad.

BBC said...

I had a very good weekend, thank you.

I don't do diets, I eat to live, not live to eat.

I love oysters, hand over all the oysters and no one gets hurt.

Today started out with a rather peaceful workout on the Elliptical machine.

Oh fuck, shoot me now. I can't stand boring machines like that. But I'm older than you, and county where you are city.

I'd rather walk a few miles, or saw up some wood with a buck saw for my exercise and end up with firewood to boot.

Or screw three times a day but the insane chicks here are empire builders and so fucked up that they don't know how to do spiritual sex.

Whateverthefuck. I've learned to get along without them.

Anyway, it was a beautiful day and I got a lot done outside, when I wasn't wasting time looking for a metal tube I'm sure I have in this mess. LOL

BBC said...

Fake eggs? That must be a lot like my fake pussy, gets me through life but I know there is better.