Wednesday, September 24, 2008

O' AJ Where Art Thou?

My sincere apologies this week. Seems I haven't been in to post since Friday. Well, it happens.

I had stuff going on over the weekend and didn't get in to sit down and do any weekend posts, and then this week for the last couple of days I wasn't feeling well at all, so I was off on a sick day if you will. I'm feeling better this morning.

Don't really feel like I have the time to catch up on the Weekly Words Challenge (WWC)... sorry Tink! So I'll pick that up again next week. Hope you lot are not too disappointed... I'm sure you will survive. ;)

**News Update** At our Gym, just FYI "The Clacker" has officially been reported and they asked me details, she's been profiled, and they are going to "take care of the situation" they tell me. So it will be nice to have a less-noisy workout. That is, if she doesn't figure out it was me who ratted her out and she isn't waiting for me in the parking lot. She better hope she doesn't anyway.

With those items out of the way, what do I have to say? Hmmm, well as everyone who watches any television knows, the new seasons of many shows have been coming out this week, and maybe some last week. Among those that I have been paying any attention to are, "True Blood" on H.B.O., Showtime's "Californication", "Sons of Anarchy" on FX, and of course, the long-awaited return of NBC's Heroes.

You may or may not know, but usually you can watch episodes of your favorite shows on their websites. If you don't know the website, you can always GOOGLE it. :) That way, you can catch up on the latest, even when you forgot to record it, or didn't have the time to sit down and watch when it was on. Pretty cool.

I had almost decided to boycott Heroes because of the whole Writer's strike and how long they delayed it, but Richie recorded it, so I fell off the wagon. It is shaping up to look like a pretty good season too.

Of the other shows, most are dramas I guess, but if you want to laugh your nuts off, then you definitely need to check out "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia". Danny DeVito is in that one and I don't know why, but that is one of the funniest shows I've seen in a long time... I have that sick sense of humor though. I think that's essential for liking some of these comedies.

That's just a few to speak of, since they have so many different shows coming out I'm sure there is something for every taste. Then there are those of you who do not lay an eyeball on television because you have too much else to do, or you find television despicable and unwatchable... To each his own I say.

Anyways, I don't have much else to discuss today, and I gotta play some catch up here at work, so Have a great Hump Day and I will leave you with a clip from It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia to wet your whistle. If you like it, go have a look at the whole show. I promise you will laugh.

Sorry, All I Could Find Were Trailers (watch)


Jay said...

I'm definitely getting into Sons of Anarchy.

and The Shield remains one of the best shows on all of television.

And Mad Men is damn cool too.

Being able to watch the shows online is really great. I get to watch whenever I feel like it.

Kenski said...

Hope you're feeling better. Good on you for reporting the clacker!

We have an all new and disgusting issue at our gym. We no longer have our squeaker, but we do have an influx of honkers... Why-oh-why do people think it's okay to not wear deodorant? I know, I know, it's unnatural and blah-blah-blah, but at least if you're going to go to the gym after work, make an effort and wash under your arms, please! I for one do not need to smell ripe armpit while I'm bench pressing a Ford Taurus.

Erm, was that a rant? I think it may have been! Apologies!

Tink said...

One of Hoop's all time favorite shows is, "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia." We just got done watching the 3rd season on disc. We also love "Chuck", "The Office", "Lost", and "Hells Kitchen".