Friday, September 12, 2008

Is It Friday Yet?

It is actually Friday, but that has not relieved me much at all. The day seems to be dragging on, so I thought I would go and look at a few YouTube videos, just for a laugh. I ran across this one, "The Opening Scene from The Wedding Crashers". It's not very long, but it's pretty funny in my opinion. I love Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, they crack me up. Great scene and probably a good message in there about marriages somewhere--lol If you've never seen the movie "The Wedding Crashers" I recommend it. It is a silly, laugh-out-loud comedy.

Anything else you ask? Well, not really. I can't say that anything has grabbed my attention today, or this week except for work. Just this and that, issues that aren't worth blogging about.

On the Anabolic Diet front, I am still doing well. I have not eaten a morsel of sugary goodness all week long, it's been about grilled chicken, salads, broccoli, cauliflower (which creams up to make some delicious "Mashed Potatoes" by the way), protein shakes, and just whatever I can live with really... The odd thing is, it hasn't made me a raging bitch or anything. I have actually felt pretty decent, except for the adjustment to not having those "quick sugar-fix energy boosts", I think I'm gonna make it. Made another one of those cheesecakes with the almond crust.

I think I might make some protein-pancakes tomorrow (a low carb recipe I found online using the Metabolic Drive protein powder in Banana flavor), I'm telling you some of this stuff tastes great... don't knock it til' ya try it.

Have a safe, happy, love and light filled Friday my friends and family.


Jay said...

It's much harder than people think to completely avoid thing with sugar. I mean it takes like, effort and shit.

I've never seen wedding crashers. But, some night when I'm fighting insomnia I will probably find it somewhere online and watch it.

BBC said...

Um, I don't do diets, I just eat what I want, good genes I guess.

Well, that and not eating too much because I just eat to live and not live to eat.

I've always been slim and trim. I'm pretty sure I will die slim and trim.

Anyway, I had a very interesting week, as always. The lady that owns the adult store thinks I'm a hoot, go figure.

Tink said...

Wedding Crashers is one of my favorite movies EVA. "I'll follow youuuu!" Hehe.

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, this is true. Especially when I get a mood swing. :)

BBC, Lucky You. I wish I had your girlish figure... bwahahaha j/k

Tink, It's fabulous isn't it?!?! And I'll follow you too. hehe Cuz you live by the beach... well not in hurricane weather though.