Thursday, September 11, 2008

For Sale: Michael Jackson's Undies

I saw this on the news yesterday morning, and I just thought it was bizarre! Who the hell would want... oh nevermind, asking "why" in this day and age just doesn't seem to do any good. Let's just "LOL". ;)

Michael Jackson's Underwear Going Up For Auction On Ebay | AHN | September 11, 2008

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Jay said...

I'm sure they'll end up on display at one of the Casinos in Tunica or Vegas. LOL ;-)

Heff said...

I'm pretty thrifty, so I'll wait 'til they're "Half Off" !

Oh, Lord I kill me !

Hey, you have um, Quite the taste in music !

BBC said...

Hell, I'm not even interested in my undies. Like I keep saying, it's just a bunch of monkeys fucking around.

You are wrong, I do not want a stepford wife, pay attention and get it right. :-)

Actually, I have one of those and she is very good to me, that little pocket pussy. LOL

But other than that she is boring as hell. I'll talk about that some on my post in the morning. Had a wonderful time camping.