Sunday, September 14, 2008

Illustration Through Words

O.k. I'm back... just felt the need to put a few thoughts down. Cool?

Basically, I'm going to put this here to hold it, even though I have it saved at home too... A new poem I wrote the other day. I don't know if it will become a song, or just stay a poem. One never knows those types of things until they just "happen".

Well, anyway, here it is.

Your sex is like magick
a dream within a dream
but nothing is as it seems
and youth long gone
but just around the corner
stalks us from behind.

And the smell of youth
is smoke and burning leaves
and honeysuckle
first snowflakes
and afterbirth

What is it all worth?

What's real and
what's surreal?

Why have we created this place?

What is going to take its place?

Weapons of mass destruction
A load of brain reduction

Where do I begin?
Where does it all end?
Seems I'm right back where I started.

Yeah I write in a weird way, I just take little 'notions' that come to me and let them have their way. I give credit to my 'muses'. They know who they are... good or bad, I love to write.


I did go out for a while... and as I jaunted out for that drive on my bike, I inhaled my surroundings with sleepy yet hungry eyes. I took in the aromas of the late afternoon, and I could smell summer drifting away, and fall devouring its remains. The corn stalks had been chopped down, and a 'goldness' seemed to be adorning the sky and trees. This is partly because of the cloudy skies, and the nearing sunsets, but still somewhat due to the time of year. The bugs were still out a bit, and the kudzu smelled sweet, really sweet.

You've never seen a sunset like the kind that peers out at you on the back of your motorcycle, it's so much more clear and vivid. It looks a thousand miles wide when you're out in the open air. Tonight's was a mix of blueish sky, with purple and crimson clouds. I almost decided to take out my cellphone's camera and try to capture it, but couldn't find a good place to pull over, and plus I doubted seriously that little cellphone would capture what I wanted to paint for you, it's best left to the imagination... but believe me, it dripped its paint into my eyes and I drank its colors in to wash down the evening.

I am not an "Eagles" fan, per se, but there is a song of theirs called "Seven Bridges Road" (actually was Steve Young's tune), which always gives me a similar feeling, or at least reminds me of my love of the long lost back road, and how it feels to look at the sky and fall in love with the stars, just kind of illustrates the beauty that I felt growing up in the south, even if it's not what most people would consider the "place to be"... It is home to me.

Here goes...

There are stars
In the southern sky
Southward as you go
There is moonlight
And moss in the trees
Down the seven bridges road

Now I have loved you like a baby
Like some lonesome child
And I have loved you in a tame way
And I have loved you wild

Sometimes there’s a part of me
Has to turn form here and go
Running like a child from these warm stars
Down the seven bridges road

There are stars in the southern sky
And if ever you decide
You should go
There is a taste of time sweetened honey
Down the seven bridges road

Video of "Seven Bridges Road" Live by The Eagles


BBC said...

Nice post hon, I write a lot also. I guess I like to but it's more because I'm driven/pushed to.

Anyway, did any of Ike get you? It's been beautiful here for a while now, loving it.

Jay said...

Love your poem Jaxxx!

I love the Eagles too.

BBC said...

Yeah inquiring minds wanna know which blog you were banned from. :)

If you must know, from Billy Pilgrim's blog. It' no big deal, those pot heads are like that.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

The motorcycle / sunset story has me REALLY missing the rides in the evening.

Picturing myself there :-)

Aunt Jackie said...

BBC, Thanks, I enjoy writing, and expressing what's on my mind and heart really. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, the weather here is improving. :) Potheads... lol

Jay, Thanks man... The Eagles eh?? Well like I said, I'm not a "FAN" per se, but some songs I like.

Speedy, you need to rejoin the ranks... you know you wanna ride!

Anonymous said...

what beautiful writing Jackie. Love it when folks write poetry.
u suppose the cheesecake would help me?...oh lordy, forgot my me jinks