Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Close Encounters Of The Dream Kind

The alarm went off around 5:00 a.m., which is actually about 4:45 since my clock is set 15 minutes fast. The snooze allows me 30 minutes (which is probably too long for a snooze, but seems very short indeed). I read a long time ago that if you position your alarm clock away from the bed so that you have to get out of bed to turn it off, you will be able to wake up easier... So mine is on top of the t.v. Therefore, I slide out of bed, eyes still semi-closed as not to let too much light in, ease up to the clock and slap it on the snooze button. Thirty more minutes of bliss ahead. Contrary to the advice, I fall back to sleep with no problems. This happens at least 2 more times because I am addicted to hitting the snooze button.

This morning, during one of my 'snooze' sessions, I slipped into a very strange dream. It took place near my childhood home (Mom and Dad's house). My husband and I were walking down the road, and it was my impression that this was early morning... as if we were walking on our way to somewhere, but I don't know where. I looked around me and everything was brilliant golden orange. It was fall, but intensified 5 times and like fall happened in an instant.

I said, "Richie look at the trees, it's like everything turned overnight, how red and gold the leaves are." I could see the colors so clearly. Very bronze/red if that makes sense.

So we continued walking, and I was in awe of the surroundings. As we got down the road a piece, I looked over to the sun, which was not in the east as it should've been but rather in the North... but a very crimson red color, and beautiful for a moment... as I was about to tell him to look, I noticed an appearance of a face in the sun, I looked away and looked back and it appeared there were three (3) suns! I then told him to look at the face in the sun, and when he did, he told me that one of them had small 'dots' on the bottom and that he had to look away because if you look at it and see those dots that your life would be shortened (by how much is unclear, I can't really remember, seemed like he mentioned something about 15 minutes but I can't say for sure).

That's when I looked back up to see what he was talking about. There were faces in all three of the "suns" at this point, and one of them had a big opening in the bottom, where I saw the 'dots' he was talking about. Yet, when I looked straight at it, it flew away like a rocket... and was gone that fast. We felt a slight panic at this point, and then I looked to the south, where I saw another space craft about to land. This one had alot of blueish-white light, before it even reached the ground, I looked back toward the west down the road, and saw very light greyish-white tall, lanky figures making their way across the road, and they looked like they were about to be heading our way. In sheer panic, I scream to Richie, "Oh my god there they are!!! Let's Get out of here!!!" and I urge him by the arm, and we take off running back towards my parents' home, we're running down the road as fast as we can to get away.

Just then, the alarm goes off. This time I didn't snooze and go back to my bed.


In other news, at band rehearsal last night, our drummer informed me that Jerry Reid and Don LaFontaine (That Announcer Guy) have passed away. Jerry was in "Smokey and The Bandit", and a very well known and award winning country artist.

Don LaFontaine did over 5000 movie trailers in his lifetime. He was in high demand. Most recently notable was Don's humorous Geico spot.

I love that guy!!!

But both he and Jerry are pretty big shocks in the entertainment world too... Good many celeb deaths it seems lately. R.I.P. Don and Jerry... you'll be missed.

Ok, to uplift I'll leave us with a little humor for hump day... Have a great one everyone.


BBC said...

I guess I have a built in alarm, have used one on a clock very few times over the years.

I wake up, I get up, end of story. Three or four hours of good sleep and I'm good to go again. Maybe six if I drink a lot.

As for dreams, I just take them with a grain of salt and don't try to over analyze them like many do, and others think we should.

More often than not it's just your mind screwing around enjoying itself when you are not fucking with it and trying to control it.

I had an odd dream the other day, big deal, didn't waste any time trying to sort it out when I woke up.

Besides, if it doesn't involve sex it isn't a valid dream, ha, ha, ha.

Blondie said...

ICK! I would hate that dream! As silly as it is... I am quietly terrified of aliens!