Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Male and Female (WWC)

Tuesday's not quite gone, and what is a Tuesday without our Weekly Words Challenge (WWC) hosted by the fabulous female, Tink of Pickled Beef?

This week's words are "Male" and "Female".

I had a difficult time making this one interesting... so well, I didn't go overboard. It's a short one for me, but at least I struggled and tried to participate. Thanks to everyone who liked my assortment in last week's slide show presentation, I appreciate that. It's not as elaborate this week, but I still hope you'll enjoy one or two.

Here we go.

Is this a Male or Female type cable?
(bonus if you can tell me what it is anyways)

Power cords and power strips are made up of male / female components.

Not all couples are Male-Female, however we are.
Mr. J's male, and I'm female. ;)

Specially drawn by me, a horrible rendition of Male and Female
stick figures... hah! May I present "Mr. & Mrs. WWC"?

AJ's low-carb chocolate/cheesecake-swirl brownies

Now wasn't that fun? It took so much energy, everyone feel free to take a brownie... lol When you make brownies like that, with protein-powder, and still cheesecake, they come out with a slight bread-looking consistency, and I know that they are not exactly like the real thing, but believe you me!! I am a hard-core carbaholic, and little things like that really have been getting me through this last couple weeks on the Anabolic Diet. Whatever we gotta do to keep rollin on I say. They were not un-yummy!

Just thought I would share a snapshot of those... maybe I will have more interesting recipes for you throughout the process of the diet. However, this weekend (and it can't come soon enough), Mr. J and I get to go have carbs. We'll probably go eat pancakes or something. LOL! One guy from one of the lifting forums online stated that after the first two weeks, he went and ate like crazy at a chinese buffet and STILL lost weight... everyone's different, but I am definitely looking forward to a little bread finally. (Or at least a cracker).

Happy Tuesday. -AJ

The words for next week are:

Wanna join in the WWC fun??

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Anonymous said...

Those look positively yummy!!! Why thank you, I'd love one!

Your drawing of Mr. & Mrs. WWC is 100% better than anything I can draw. Just sayin.'

Good luck on the diet. I suck at dieting, too. I just wish stress made me lose weight.

Aunt Jackie said...

Kcinnova, thanks! They were pretty good. :)

And thanks, I just scratched that stick drawing out, in desperation. haha.

Dieting is for losers... right?? Get it? Losers?? Often though, we aren't as big a' losers as we would like.

I'm trying to build muscle and burn fat. This Anabolic diet is supposed to be bad assed.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

One end looks male but the other looks female on the cable. Males go inside of the female.

Low carb is all I have been eating for about a week. I walk by an Italian restaurant every day twice a day.

I can walk an other way but I seem to enjoy practicing my will power.

Nice stick figures you did that well.

Jay said...

That first one is some kind of adapter. Oh .. you actually wanted us to tell you WHAT kind of adapter, huh? Idunno. ;-)

Excellent WWC artwork.

We both went with the male and female cords. We're clever that way. haha

BBC said...

Hum, modern and primitive. Hum, oh well, moving on now, ha, ha, ha.

I can't diet, my skinny ass would blow away. You have a special kind of stupid to forget to eat you know.

I just don't get eating, I mostly just eat when I'm hungry, and not much at that.

Angel Feathers Tickle Me said...

....@ ..@.. @........@...@...@
..@.....(=':'=).... ..(=':'=).....@
... @....(")(") ... ..(")(")....@
...........@........... .....@
..............@.... ...@
.............. ....@

Anonymous said...

Apple video chord... allows you to display apple computers on PC monitors

Sad geek

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Ole Blue, well good luck! It's easier for men sometimes it seems, but hard nonetheless. Read about Anabolic diet though if you're interested in muscle building and the low-carb. Cool stuff.

Jay, yes we are two of the few and not the many haha ;) We rule.

BBC, well we're not all lucky enough to have your girlish figure hehe j/k

Angel! Great to see you! That's very pretty :))

Oohh Anonymous! Good answer, good answer. Thank you for taking time out of your all-important schedule to grace us with your oh-so-winning presence.

Don't call yourself a sad geek, take heart. :)

Tink said...

I think that first plug is confused. :)

I love the stick-figures. They got a giggle out of me, which is saying a lot this early in the morning.

Heff said...

The first cable is male/male - ok, that's all I'm gonna say about that.

Hey, Protein Powder ROCKS ! I'm gonna have the ol' lady make me some of those !

Reb said...

I love the stick figures! I think most of us went with power cords of some description. those brownies look awfully good.