Saturday, September 27, 2008

Love and A .45

It's time for a Saturday Matinee! Courtesy of yours truly, AJ! You may or may not have seen the movie "Love & A .45" (1994 I think), but is one of those classics for me and also my "B.F.F." Tamra.

We used to love watching this. Things change, and we sometimes change our tastes but it is still a memory for us. :)) So break out the popcorn and enjoy... really, it's the full-length film.

Saturday's cruising along in a very lazy way... so I'm just kind of chilling right now. However I thought I would show you a photo of my arm bruise. It's really pretty... haha ;) But it hurts. I hate bruises. I'm definitely going to start wearing my longer sleeves and probably get a nice riding jacket soon, and maybe even a full-faced helmet... We'll see. Happy Saturday Y'all! :)

Can I get some sympathy please???
I could use a hug. haha.


Jay said...

Awwww .. want me to kiss your bruise and make it better? ;-)

I didn't know that you could embed a movie or show from Hulu on your blog. That's cool.

BBC said...

I haven't seen it, but there are a hell of a lot of movies I haven't seen.

Nice bruise, be careful when biking, it's a dangerous world out there. I was just reminded of the time when I tried to shove my leg up my butt with a motorcycle.

That really didn't go so well. Laid there for a half hour before I could get back on the bike to limp back home with a fucked up knee.

Had a trick knee (hurt like a bitch to pop it back in place when it went out) for years until one day when I slipped on some ice and had a piece of shit knee.

Then it got fixed and is fine now except for a clicking sound when peddling a bicycle, or screwing in certain positions, ha ha, ha.

BBC said...

Oh, forgot the hug (((Jackie)))

Bizarro Aunt Jackie said...

Yay! Thanks guys for the sympathy. Every time I show it to my husband trying to get sympathy, he has to act like he's gonna poke it and picks at me. lol Men! :)

Thanks Jay, that would be lovely!

BBC! I know, I'm a movie addict I guess.

I try to be careful, but you still get the occasional bug or rock. Sorry that you had such a bad episode back when you were riding. Those sunsets sure are fantastic... Oh and thanks for the hug!!

Kenski said...

Gosh, you just reminded me of the time I was driving my shiny silver corvette Z06 down the 59 in Houston. Beautiful day. Sun out. Shades on. Stereo pounding. Not speeding, just chilling. Next thing I knew a football size chunk of concrete fell off the truck in front of me and came bouncing down the road straight at me. I managed to get across far enough that it hit a glancing blow from the wing and flew over the roof (low cars *do* have their advantages!)

It was such a shock that I didn't get the truck registration or anything. I just got off the road ASAP to check the damage.

Again luckily (!), the Z06's are basically made from painted tupperware, so the permanent damage was minimal. One hell of a shock, though, especially when you first see that chunk of rock heading straight for your head!

Hope your bruise gets better soon. Milk it for as much sympathy as possible, though!!!!!

Samantha Vandefeller said...

*Hugs* sorry to see your bruise :(
And thanks for the note on Friske. I appreciate it. Sorry it took forever to comment back! :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Kenski: Yes, dangers are everywhere, and there is nothing that we dare to do that doesn't involve a certain amount of risk. We just have to be as careful as we can.

Gosh that sounds like quite the incident though! Glad you weren't hurt!

Samantha: Not a problem at all, just glad you stopped by. I am a big animal lover, and I know how we are over our pets. Especially those with whom we have heavy karmic ties. It's hard losing any loved one.

Thanks guys for the sympathy on my bruise! :) Every bit helps.