Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Moody Bright (WWC)

You know the score, it's Tuesday and that's the Weekly Words Challenge (courtesy Tink!). Sorry I am late. It has been a day... had a hard time getting finished up with the post.

This week's words however, are "Moody" and "Bright"... let's see if I can do this... mmm'kay?

I think the tint gives this picture a sort of "moody" quality.

"Roll On Moody River, Roll On!!!"

The sky seemed quite moody to me in this shot.

I was moody, so I took a drive, and happened to pass by this shack, which was the temporary place Bob (Motorcycle Madness) was staying at when I put him on my scorecard.

The Pyramid is usually alot brighter than this.

What a bright yellow train.

This photo seems quite moody, with the rain while the buildings are quite bright!

I like the yellow reflection from this bright Jeep on the street.

If I'm feeling moody, where two roads diverge, there's no telling what direction I might take. Such is Life. :)

Have a great evening everyone... more from me tomorrow.


BBC said...

The river didn't seem moody to me, more like serene. I would love to do it on a houseboat. Not a fancy one, just any old piece of shit that gave me some shelter.

Anonymous said...

Muddy river, moody river...when it's flooding, it sure is moody!!

I love the colors with the pink & red buildings in the rain!
And that last pic, with the diverging roads? Excellent!

Further on up the road said...

left or right? Or straight on to create a new path?

g-man said...

Well done as usual darlin. :) I am especially groovin on the first one and the moody bright building one. Excellent. :) Such as life indeed!

Reb said...

Love the moody bright buildings. The diverging roads, the yellow jeep. Well done!

Tink said...

Pink is only a suitable building color if the building in question is a cotton candy factory... or located in Florida, where the old people reign. You should let those people know. ;)