Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Were We Ever In Kansas?

Wow, last night's weather was a "doosie" around the Mid-South area. We had terrible thunderstorms (which I actually like thunderstorms), but this was no ordinary night. In addition to the Thunderstorms, we had lots of lightening, high winds and of course Tornadoes everywhere. You may have even heard about this... There was damage mainly to some shopping center areas, to include a Memphis mall called "Hickory Ridge Mall". I'm told that after the damage ensued there, the area broke out into a "Looting & Shooting" festival... Classy. Real Classy people... when you should be kissing the gods asses that you weren't blown away, you're off in the stores trying to steal everything not nailed down. You make Memphis look so nice.

[Meggy Moon had a few photos of the storm clouds]

As for me and my family, and most of the people I work closely or keep close touch with, they made it through with minimal stress or damage.

Mr. J went home way early of course, being the slacker cautious man he is, concerned for the well-being of his family and community. He called me several times to harass me and make sure I was home to cook his dinner so he didn't have to move make sure I got home before the bad storms so I would be safe in his care.

The animals were, of course, acting funny. So we knew that something big was going on!

We lost power right in the middle of "She's The Man" starring Amanda Byrnes... guess it was an act of god preventing me from finishing that one. :)

So then I was forced to sleep with no noise whatsoever, only the noise in my head was made way worse by the silence of the power outage. Isn't that weird?? Our heads and energies are so painfully deafening when we actually get quiet... And normally I sleep really well to thunderstorms, but last night I did not. It was very nerve wrecking, and several times I felt like I heard "Whirling" sounds. The power was back on by morning though, and although it is still extremely overcast and slightly windy today I think the worst is over.

Thanks to Jay over at Cynical Bastard for the e-mail note, he wrote asking if we were o.k. in my neck of the woods. That was very sweet of him... You Rock Jay! Hope all is well for everyone else though too who may have been hit by the unseasonable weather. I know we're not the only area that had some, so report in and let me know if you experienced some too.

Never a need to worry though, because things always happen for a reason, and when you get those eerie feelings that "the other shoe is about to drop", and you start to stress and worry... Just kneel down and pray because I assure you...

In other weird news, (and I may include this in my WTF Friday post for this week), These people must be the most unwanted neighbors EVER! Happy Hump Day Y'all!

'Nobody wants us to live next to them' — third tornado hits family’s home
kytv_auror_family.jpgHundreds of families survived deadly tornado and severe thunderstorms on Monday night. Some lost everything. A couple from Aurora knows all too well what’s its like to clean up after a twister. They’ve been through three of them. It all started with a tornado in May 2003. KY3 News told Ralph and Risby Atwood’s story in March 2006 after they were hit the second time by a tornado.“This is ridiculous,” Ralph said then. The Atwoods lost everything in ‘03 and then again in ‘06. “We’re not rebuilding here,” said Ralph on Friday. After the ‘06 twister, the Atwoods moved from just north of Aurora, south near Crane, to get out of the tornadoes’ paths. Monday, they got hit again.

“This is beyond ridiculous,” said Ralph. Early on Tuesday morning, Jan. 8, a tornado found where the Atwoods had moved. “Forty years and there hasn’t been a tornado here,” said Ralph. “Then we moved here.”

The third time, there wasn’t much harm. A doghouse, shed and horse’s pole barn were all that was shredded. “It’s like I got a magnet in my back,” said Ralph. Scruffey, the dog, was missing for three days. As for the other animals, they’re okay. Bacon Bits, a pig, didn’t take another 400-foot flight like she did in ‘06.

“Flying pig — we have one,” said Ralph.

Working at an Aurora landmark, Richard’s Hawgwild restaurant, Risby gets a little ribbing from co-workers. “She should just live in a shelter or an underground house,” said co-worker Myra Goodson.

… “Nobody wants us to live next to them,” said Risby.Oddly enough, a tornado also hit Ralph’s work on Tuesday morning - for the second time. The couple says, no matter what, they’re not running anymore — one can’t keep running away from adversity.

Source: KY3



Now Ralph is a guy I could hang out with and have fun!!!!

Further on up the road said...

Glad you're safe and well.

Just keep Ralph well clear of me thanks.... :-)

Anonymous said...

Its sort of like getting the same president or mayor in office time and again....bad juju

R.E.H. said...

Yeah, I heard about the tornadoes on the news. Glad to hear you were not badly affected by them.

BBC said...

The storms are just going to keep getting worse as the planet goes to hell.

Even here we have gotten some mean winds this year. Some areas have been without power for a few weeks.

No problems at my place though, other than a few things getting knocked around in the yard.

I think the next 20 years are going to be pretty interesting, and a lot of it ugly. We'll see.

Jay said...

"the area broke out into a "Looting & Shooting" festival..."

So in some ways it was just a typical Tuesday night in Memphis, right? ;-)

/kidding .. I'm kidding. I kid because I care. ;-)

KY3 is actually my "local" TV station here. I"m only about an hour from Springfield and less than that from those people who got clobbered again. They have absolutely THE WORST karma EVAH!

Joel said...

I like that quote very much-"Things do happen for a reason". Glad to know that the tornado didn't affect you, hope people find solace soon

Aunt Jackie said...

four dinners! You and Ralph have fun. I'm steering clear of him. lol

further! I'm with you.

anonymous! You said it right.

r.e.h! Thanks, we appreciate everyone's thoughts. Nobody I knew was really hurt or affected that bad.

bbc! Yeah, that's about right... we see the world decline a little more every day, and it's headed in that direction.

jay! You kid, but you're pretty much right!!

joel! Yeah that's true, and it's just hard to remember sometimes. Thanks and hope all is well with you.

No More Empty Fortune Cookies said...

hahahaha! I sure hope god does listen... to slayer :)