Monday, February 04, 2008


Seems like Life is one long waiting line. We're born waiting to die, we sit in our cars waiting in traffic to get to our jobs so we can wait until time to go home ... wait, wait, wait. Waiting, but rushing, right?? We rush through moments and wish it all away, when in essence it all goes too fast anyway. Let's slow down and enjoy things instead of trying to speed the clock up. While we wait, you know? Let's enjoy that wait.

Just to let everyone know, Dad got home safely yesterday. My sister and I assisted them when we got back home, she stayed the night there to make sure everything was o.k., I came back and am catching up on my work as much as possible. Dad had a pretty hard time starting out, when we first got home, his legs were quite weak. They only got him up to stand once the entire few days he was in the hospital. And information? You couldn't get that from anyone. Every person had a different job, and knew nothing further than the extent of what they were there to do right that second. The doctors wouldn't tell us anything of course. It's like people are prodded in and out like cattle, seriously. It makes me fear the future of healthcare even more. However, I think that Dad is much better at home than still lying in the hospital that he hates. They weren't doing anything but charging him to lay in their bed anyway. He may as well be home where he's comfortable.

So that's touch-and-go. He will hopefully continue to strengthen up and at least get some better. I know that he's in a stage of life now where he's going to have a hard time. It's really rough to see a parent like that. My Dad was such a strong man who could do anything, reduced to his daughters helping him to the restroom... Life is just heartbreaking sometimes. We'll deal... the family is just going to have to stick together and all of us do what we can whenever we can. Mom is looking into some home health care, and of course there will be physical therapy. Hopefully that will do some good, just continue having my parents and family in your thoughts and prayers... every bit of positive energy and positive thoughts help... And thanks so much again.

I know, I'm tired of obscessing and writing about the family situation, and Dad's health, and you might be tired of reading it too. I know it's once again a "Depressing" subject, and I don't like to be depressing to my readers... If I have here or there, I've never meant to. It's just that I have to write what's on my shoulders at that moment. I promise to make you laugh later on when I get the chance, I will make it up to you guys :)

Trying to snap a few photos here and there to prepare for tommorrow's WWC (courtesy of our lovely Tink of Pickled Beef. This weeks's words are going to be "Narrow" and "Broad". You still have time to get in on it, go over to Tink's Blog for more info. Hopefully, this week I will get to enjoy and participate. Last week was the first time I did not participate since I started, due to Dad's hospitalization.

I did a great deal of people watching while I was hanging out around the hospital, though. And the longer you sit in there, the more tunnel vision you get, and you start to feel a little crazier than normal. People start to look funny, really funny. I found myself sitting and watching everyone's "strangeness". I couldn't help but to wonder, how on Earth could people look down their nose at anyone else, when we are all so ridiculous (looking & acting), and think that we have any room to be judgemental over anything. Next time someone thinks they can be a judge, or thinks something is too outlandish for them, or too stupid, or ridiculous, they should really take a look in the mirror. They would truly die laughing. It's every one of us... we're humans. Humans are hilarious... how have we not all become extinct from laughing ourselves to death??

See you guys tomorrow. Happy Manic Monday.


Jay said...

I hate waiting. I'm terrible at it.

You're dad should do much better at home. Nobody gets better while at the hospital. They don't let you sleep through the night cause they keep coming in every 30 minutes to see if your asleep and the food sucks. And all the nurses are single functional. They only do one thing.

You got the water nurse. The bed linen changing nurse. The check your blood pressure nurse. The bring you some Tylenol nurse.

Personally, I like the head nurse best. ;-)

Further on up the road said...

Don't beat yourself up about writing about this. It is what is happening to you and it's best you get it out there, this a good place to do that rather than ended up frustrated and rowing with those you love.

Waiting. Well my son tells me time is all an illusion, it's only happening cos of gravity anyhow - if you were in space time is much different, it's much slower. So why worry about time, time isn't really an issue the issue is that you are in a gravity field that is creating time on you.

It's all to do with dents in the time/space continuum and that no one can figure out where a graviton is or whether they just bugger off into another dimension.

So - it's all relative isn't it.

R.E.H. said...

Glad he's home ok - I bet he's much happier to be home than he was at the hospital.

I would agree about health care issues at the hospitals these days. While it may be more "efficient" - it seems to have lost the touch with the patients. I think it is equally important that a patient is comfortable and feels "at home", as it is that they get the proper care for the ailment.

Nowadays - the human care factor seems to be lost completely.

BBC said...

Let's slow down and enjoy things instead of trying to speed the clock up.

I agree, I've slowed down a lot. I don't even plan my days anymore, just go with the flow.

Not a clue what I'm going to do today, but it's only 8am.

I'll split some wood for Helen I suppose, go for a walk, maybe to the beach, maybe do some cleaning, take a nap.

Maybe about 4 I will go over to Rick's shop for a few beers and bullshit.

Whatever, just flowing along trying to get what enjoyment I can out of life.

awa said...

I hope your dad gets to feeling much much better. Hugs to you and your family and your dad! (((hugs)))

Tink said...

Jay is right. Hospital stays never make the patient better. I think your Dad is going to recover MUCH better at home under the love and care of his family. My thoughts and wishes go out to you!

Liz said...

Over here from Furtheron up the road's blog.

I hope your dad makes a full recovery and has the patience to take it slow and easy.


From recent experience I'd say stay in hospital if the nurses are from the Phillipines.

They give very good bed baths! ;-)