Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weekly Words Challenge #22

Sorry, been so busy and then the time I had to myself I wasn't in a writing mood. I will probably post though throughout the rest of the week successfully. Sometimes you just have to have a breather. Weekend was kind of that way for me.

Anyways, today is already Tuesday and as everyone knows that's WWC day!! Today's Weekly Words Challenge words, courtesy of the darling Tink of Picked Beef, are "Motion" and "Suspend".

I feel as though I'm falling a little short for this week too, but I did the best I could... I swear I will be back to my productive and excellent self soon! Just been going through so much lately... Head spinning around and what-not!

Here goes...

The fountains on Main Street illustrating Water suspended in Motion!

This squirrel's tail blurred from his very quick motion.

While taking this photo of lights on the deck of a local spot, I moved the camera purposely giving this the feel of "motion".

I love rain, and the raindrops shown here, suspended beautifully on a rainy day.

Clouds rolling in, suspended in motion...

Well I hope that your week is going well, I don't seem to be able to "get started" this week. A very bad lack of motivation for me, for some reason. I know I've had alot on my mind lately. Is my brain perhaps simply 'shutting down' on me?? Could be... besides, my brain is much smarter than me and I guess knows what's best for the both of us.

For those of you who were wondering how everyone's favorite "Blog Daddy" is doing? He's fine. He had a follow-up appointment with the Doctor yesterday, and got a good report. He is also getting around a little better each day. He's getting up and down out of his chair and from his bed significantly better than when he first came home. It's still a touchy situation though. I want to thank everyone once again for all the love and support that you extended to our family since his hospitalization. I believe in the power of positive thinking and love and you guys have shown so much of it. He's of course, never going to be as strong as he once was, that strong-as-an-Ox father that I knew as a child, but that's life. I have to move forward and just be happy we still have him now at 80 years old... He's been tough as nails. That has to account for something... He's still meant to be here with us.

Now, It's time for my afternoon snack of Kaishi bar and yogurt, and I'm about to go chow down. I might even have a cup of Coffee... yeah that's right, I'm feeling rather crazy and I think I'm going to go for it.

I will be back tomorrow with much more interesting garbage to throw at you... hopefully. So be prepared to DUCK!!!


BBC said...

That motion picture is cool. Crap, it's cold there, it's 48 degrees here. I'll do a post in the morning.

Jay Cam said...

i love those pictures!

duck? duck? duck? goose!!


R.E.H. said...

Love the picture of the raindrops, and the squirrel (squirrel's are cute!).

Glad your dad's doing good back home.

Karen said...

Really cool pictures. Wow.

Jay said...

Let's all gather in Memphis and run naked through those fountains. How fun would that be? ;-)

Great pics as usual!

Glad that your dad is doing good.

Further on up the road said...

Love the motion one. And the raindrops excellent

Tink said...

I just want to run and splash in that fountain...

Cool pictures. I especially like the suspended rain one and the squirrel. How in the world did you get so close to it?

Anonymous said...

The raindrops is awesome!

Aunt Jackie said...

bbc! Thanks, yes we're in a cold snap.

jay cam! Just what are you goosing?? I'm stepping away from you.

r.e.h.! I love rain! And our squirrels are the greatest-lol
Thanks, I'm relieved Dad's doing o.k.

karen! Thanks, glad you enjoyed.

jay! Let's plan an official "Blogger Fountain Streak Party" right?? lol Kids are always running through those fountains though. Hmmmm.

further! Thanks again! everyone loves raindrops. That one makes a cool desktop background.

tink! Believe me, I really think about splashing in that fountain in the heat of a hellish memphis summer, you have no idea! Wow... they're neat though.

And the squirrels and pigeons are very friendly downtown. They'll eat right out of your hand!! I'm serious.

joel! Yay another vote for raindrops... Rain rocks.