Sunday, February 03, 2008

Going Home

Dad's going home today so I am going to pick up Mom and take her back up to the hospital. We really appreciate all the positive thoughts, prayers and your concerns and kind words through the whole week. I only have the couple seconds to post this, so I have to be on my way.

This is good news, and I'm glad he won't have to be there longer than he has... Once again...
Thank you all, you Rock!!!


BBC said...

It sounds like he going to be okay, that's good.

Now get your butt back to work.

Work....Gaaa, I said a four letter word. LOL

Jay Cam said...

well its good that he's going to be ok!

and i already know i rock!

captain corky said...

Great news! Hopefully he'll be home in time for Bonanza.

Jay said...

That's really great news. Don't let him party too hard during the super bowl.

katy said...

Brilliant news.
give your dad a hug and kiss from me and tell him to be good x

R.E.H. said...

So happy to hear that! Now, just keep him well rested until he's fully recovered!

Take care!

Chelly said...

That's wonderful Jax! I'll keep praying for him and for your family. Nice to hear this news.

Lots of love!


Told yer he'd be fine. After several vodkas I know these things ;-)

Glad he's on the mend babe x