Friday, February 22, 2008

TGIF Once Again

Yeah it's Friday, Yay. I'm not excited about it... what's there to look forward to. Just following along with everyone else's schedules and plan, and meanwhile trying desperately to hang on to what little identity I might have managed to save of myself.

Always on someone else's clock... tick tock, tick tock... Feel like I can't stop the ride to get off and find my way back sometimes though.

Oh real quick, I had visited over at Ole Blue The Heretic's Blog, and he always has interesting and cool poetry... He had a Haiku, so I thought I would give one a try myself.

Here's my Friday Haiku!!
Friday had arrived
Madness fell upon her face
Goodness goes to waste

Anyways, I'm waiting to hear from the mechanics, so I can pick up my molested automobile, and get back to work in the same garage and hope that they don't simply come and do it again! Stupid worthless assholes.

On a nastier note, I had multi-grain cereal for breakfast, and I keep belching that flavor... It's not very pleasant coming back up.

I may be back later, but I am not sure how the day will go. Don't forget to pop by and visit one of the fine blogs I'm part of, WTF Friday, there are a host of great contributers over there with alot of good "WTF" articles... so it's Friday, treat yourself and go have a read!

Best of luck and stay safe today, have a great weekend!!! -AJ


Sara said...

Hey AJ, long time me no post! Haiku eh? I've done quite a few teaching sessions with ex offenders on Japanese Haiku - always good fun and always very productive. I love your little Haiku, I often feel like that myself on a Friday - have a good weekend!

Jay said...

I'm a total poet retard. I wish I could write Haikus or other forms of poetry, but I can't. Maybe I need a tutor?

Cynnie said...

I didnt get the invite !

Jay Cam said...

happy friday!
i am excited today!!
: )

BBC said...

I haven't had any cereal for years, a bowl of Kellogg's Special K sounds good, but I think I'll make hotcakes this morning.

I haven't written much poetry, but I did write the stand by the sea poem on my blog.

I don't pay much attention to what day it is, a day is just a day to me.

Good luck with the car.

BBC said...

Helen appointed herself as my secretary years ago so she keeps track of when I'm supposed to pay my bills and the things I'm doing for others and places I'm supposed to be so that is mostly how I know what day it is.

When I was married my wife took care of the money, I just took an allowance out of my pay, but Helen won't handle my money for me so I have to do it.

That's okay, the women I've met in recent years I wouldn't trust my money with them anyway.

R.E.H. said...

Usually when perps have been caught in the act in a certain location they do not return to do their deeds at the same place.

Just thought I'd ease your worries a bit ;)


'Madness fell upon her face'?

What? All seven of em???? All at once????

Jimmy said...

Hope your Friday was good

I know what is like to be at the mercy of someone else's clock....into the madness!