Thursday, February 21, 2008

Cadillac Convertible Craze

Hump day turned out to be heist day in the lovely River City... As I was just getting ready to run out, hop in my car and get away from the office for lunch, I got a phonecall from the man upstairs. (No not god you idiot, Jeezuz!!--No not Jeezuz either, you know he has all his assistants do the calling for him because he's too busy!!!). The man upstairs at the help desk I mean... he called to inform me that there were police in the garage and they needed to speak to me, and it would seem that some dudes were in the garage stealing everyone's 'Cadillac Convertibles' [sic] out of their vehicles. Yes, there is a craze going around where they can take and sell these 'Cadillac Convertibles' [sic] for a pretty penny!

Fortunately, they were unable to get my 'Cadillac Convertible' [sic] in time before the security guard caught the one guy who was still trying desperately to yank mine off the car. He had the muffler all sawed up, and everything was dragging the ground under my car. We weren't even sure it was going to start, if they had anything else messed up on it, but fortunately, it started, and I was able to drive it to the ground floor so I could successfully get a tow-truck to get me to my usual repair shop. One of the cops was pretty cute, and they were all pretty helpful I guess... It took a while for them to release it to me for me to get the towing in gear.

Then the guy who drove the tow-truck looked Denzel, so of course I was looking him up and down... haha. (Not that I think Denzel is the most handsome actor, but I mean, hell this is Memphis, and it wasn't the worst for definite).

Mr. J had come up to pick me up, but that didn't stop Denzel from asking me if I needed to ride with him to the shop... I wondered if there was some weird look on his face when he asked it, but I highly doubt it anyway. Probably a letter to Playgirl somewhere there in an alternate dimension, but for me today, I rode with my husband and went along as normal. Ha-ha!

Not sure how long it will take to fix up the damage to my poor little car, and I don't know what the dillio will be about the Prosecution of these lunch-time thugs, but all-in-all, I consider myself lucky. Someone spotted them in time to catch the dude, call the cops and have it all done and it didn't happen later in the afternoon when it was time to go home and we had no trouble getting reports filled out. Also, at least I didn't walk out and walk up on a dude with a gun and "discover" him trying to rip off my 'Cadillac Convertible' [sic] (ok I'm probably the only one who thinks it's funny to call it that).

Anyways, you lot stay safe yourselves with all the nutters, bums and thugs running amuck, and I'll post up later on when I have anything worthy of note.

**To understand WTF AJ is talking about, click here for How Catalytic Converters Work.


Jay said...

If I ever say "fuckitall" and up and move to Vegas, I'm gonna get me a big red Cadillac Convertible and change my name Raoul Duke.

Wait, what were we talking about?

Oh yea. Well those punks are probably already back out on the street tonight. But, at least they didn't destroy your car.

Maybe you could sue them for the damage they did? LOL

Further on up the road said...

What so these guys just get underneath the car with a hacksaw and chop off a large bit of the exhaust? I'm losing the plot here.

How the fuck to your resell it? I've been offered some dodgy stuff in pubs but as yet (well to be fair for the last 4 years I've not spent much time in them you understand being clean and all that now) no buggers siddled up and said "Alright mate, you looking for cat converter for a Pug 206? I've got one outside in the car park if you need it." I think the guys need a lesson in sensible crime, like selling dodgy DVDs of Gene Simmons and blond Australians.

Further on up the road said...

Mind you just remembered some guys showed up here at work claiming to be from the telephone company and dug up a load of copper wire and only a day later did anyone realise.... Lol!

R.E.H. said...

Good thing those bastards were caught though, but I guess that kind of crime goes down as a misdemeanor anyway... so they won't be punished the way I would have dealt with them, had I caught them messing my MY car!

At least you got to see Denzel the Cop ;)

BBC said...

I owned a Cadillac once upon a time. That son of a bitch fifty dollored me to death, I didn't keep it long.

The only convertible I've ever owned was a 1964 Chrysler 300. It served me well but it costs a bloody fortune for a new top, I'll never own another.

Being a mechanic I know how Catalytic Converters work, and any used one is worth money.

Anyway, gotta go. Have a great day.


Nobody's ever nicked my car. Can't say I blame em.... It's my little green baby. Birds shit on it cause they think it's a bush.

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I am happy that you are OK and the car will be fine.