Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Found and Curve (WWC #23)

We're trucking along here on these WWC numbers, and as ALWAYS, Tink does a fabulous job! This week's words were "Found" and "Curve". I've taken some notes from G-man at Man Overboard, and decided that this week I would share more photos than normal, and put them in a slideshow. If anyone has any trouble with it, let me know. To view, click the "Play" button, and then if you need to, pause and click through to read all the captions... Hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed my afternoon taking these yesterday... It was a really nice day.

Here we go, Found and Curve!!!

Please Click Here if you are unable to see the slideshow above.


moo said...

wow, what beautiful photos. But I think it's the captions that really were awesome ... I was snorting (quietly) here in my office.

You really did have a "good sky day!"

Tink said...

*Open mouth stare*

Omg, those were awesome! I think those might be your best set of pictures yet. That first one was truly stunning. Well played girl. I'm afraid to post mine now! :D

Ginni Dee said...

Great shots! Love the slideshow format too.

Jay said...

That was sweet! Well done! Now I'm gonna have to do some kind of slide show too. I have to keep up ya know! ;-)

g-man said...

Glad I could start something :) Wicked cool, all of them. I enjoyed the captions as well. Well played indeed.

Now I am stuck with the image of Tink and her slack jawed gawk. Thanks Tink!

Jay Cam said...

nice curves!
; )

this reminds me of polar graphs in high school.. good times!

awa said...

Yeehawww! Loves them photos durrrr!

R.E.H. said...

Wonderful shots! Some of them road curve pics were really stunning.

Your dream house looks like a good place to live.

Liked the slideshow thing and the captions too!

BBC said...

I wouldn't want a home like that. I've had nice homes in the past, I didn't really own them, they owned me.

I love my simple little place and I'm keeping it that way. Nice slide show though.

It looks like it's going to be another nice day, 43 degrees this morning, maybe it will get over 50.

And it's laundry day here at Polly's Honky Tonk Saloon and Whorehouse.

Aunt Jackie said...

Moo! Thank you, well I'm always silly with my captions. :)

Tink! Oh my gosh! How could you ever be afraid to post yours? They're always perfect.

Ginni! Thank you, and yeah the slideshow is quicker and easier for me to share more photos... Thanks to G-man for the idea. :)

Jay! Of course, let's join that G-man movement and have cool slideshows.

G-man (I almost types "G-mail" when typing your name lol), You definitely started the trend, let's see if everyone does it!

Jay Cam! Polar graphs? Hmmmm, psychiatrist for Mr. Jay Cam.

Awa! Yay Thanks glad you enjoyed.

r.e.h! Thank you, yes that house was pretty cool. I've seen bigger. Billy has a point--Hell I could never furnish or even clean a house like that. I can't clean the shack I have now! haha

BBC! I hate laundry day... it's pretty much any day that I can squeeze in some laundry though. But I agree with you on the house. I can only dream, but I know it's not practical... looks cool though.