Monday, February 25, 2008

Sending out an S.O.S. to Jinks

BBC mentioned the other day that Jinks hasn't blogged in a while. I happen to know that she's had work situations that didn't make for optimal free time, and that she hasn't been able to get to it much. However, I really don't want her blog to fade to black again, as she has almost done here or there. I miss her presence here at The Forrest, and I for one would like to let her know officially that we WILL not have her disappear.

So, JINKS, hear our plea... If you don't blog soon, some of us will really go off the deep end. We understand that everything might be chaotic for you right now, but I need my dose of "55-SKIDO"... Hey It Could Happen! And we hope it does.

(If you haven't read her blog, you can find her link(s) to the right there, along with all my Rockin blog family!)

Jinks, come back! I can't do without what you have to say!!! :)

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