Friday, February 08, 2008

Stalked By Clowns

Well, if you are reading this, live from the blog, or from your Subscription to my blog, then that means we made it to Friday! I am tired, stressed and have been a little testy these last couple of days. I just think it's everything coming down on me at once. The things I have to get done, all the impending duties with my Father, Work stuff, Band pressures... just too much for me to deal with... Been feeling like I'm going to crack... or maybe I already have.

Ok, well I thought I would up date you guys and inform you that my Top 3 most "Creepy MoFos" are still:

1. Clowns

2. The Burger King Dude

3. Creepy Ass Dolls

Also, I have been getting more and more phone calls on my work line for other people. This really gets on my nerves. Calls for employment, calls for some other dude who hasn't been here for like over 4 years, people asking for other departments. It's gotta stop. I'm not the information desk, and I have no idea about the guy who was here 4 years ago, and I am not his "fill in" for your cold calling. I don't know what you proposed to him, or what he was trying to purchase, but I have nothing to do with it. I've tried to be nice, but I'm about to start cussing these people.

Haven't had any time to think about writing more "Friday Stories" for you guys, so if you haven't read stories of mine, just surf, or check some of the links on the side. I'll try to do one soon when I have my head back together a little better.

So, I Wanna Be Sedated!

However, I don't see any reason we can't have a good video for the day... Here goes. Hope you enjoy. This is "The Ramones" with "I Wanna Be Sedated" (I really do!). I dedicate it to my mate FourDinners, and my best friend, Tamra and to Jessica... You guys Rock!

Also, Don't Forget to check out WTF Friday for all the oddities, idiots, crazy stories and news that makes you go "WTF?!?!".


Jay said...

If I woke up and that Burger King dude was next to me I would take the baseball bat I keep next to my bed and beat him to a pulp. Damn freak!

captain corky said...

Sounds like you could use some happy hour! Make yourself a drink and unwind girl.

katy said...

get a whislte and blow it down the phone on the next call that isn't yours!
time to relax AJ, you have had to deal with a lot lately, you need to spoil yourself this weekend OK? hope you get some rest sweetie x

BBC said...

Four Dinners may be a drunk, at least he says he is. But at least the man tackles some heavy stuff in the big picture.

A lot of people are too self centered to give a damn about the rest of the world.

Yup, we made it to Friday and now it's Saturday, I'll go to the war protest today.

Being retired I don't have to deal with a lot that you do, hang in there.

Jay Cam said...

if i saw a clown in my closet i would run away screaming!

have you read "It" by stephen king? now you understand!

Cindi said...

Jackie...I have been so behind on reading my favorite blogs and I didn't know about your Dad's accident and hospital stay until just now. Had to read back several posts to get caught up. I am glad he is home and on the mend. My Dad is 70 and has had so many bad health problems over the last few years too. It is really heartbreaking to see your parents aging and having health troubles, isn't it?

I loved the picture you put up of your parents several posts back.

awa said...

Creepy ass dolls freak me out too. And my kids have a shitload of you can imagine how uneasy I am at night.

I just now one of those little bitties is going to sneak in my room while I sleep and stab me with a heeled Barbie shoe.


Ta babe!! Just had a mess about with yer box ;-)

Further on up the road said...

The dolls - hate the dolls! They are just so stary and freeking just not right!!!

Barnze said...

Stalked by clowns..nightmare...I hate um!