Sunday, February 17, 2008

Being Beautiful

For every one (male or female) who has ever let advertisements, magazines, models or actors on screen make you feel like an ugly person. Or have thought you were not beautiful enough to be on screen or camera, this is for you. Take a look.

To me, it doesn't necessarily say that nobody is 'that beautiful', or 'nobody looks like that', it goes to show you that ANYBODY CAN look like that... dig? Nobody should feel bad about themselves, because off camera, and in the real world. Everyone is normal...

I give you, the secret of the Dove Soap Campaign




Ta babe. Nicest thing anyone's said to me in ages ;-) xx

Jay said...

Yeah, lots of people could look great with a team of stylists and a little photoshop help. But, that was also kinda like those makeover segments they do on Today show. They start out with a pretty good looking woman to begin with and then just make her prettier.

R.E.H. said...

Yeah... I'm with Jay. I thought she was pretty darn good looking right from the start.

Interesting little clip though.

PS. I wonder what a team of stylists could do with me... could they make me "billboard worthy"?

Tink said...

That's AWESOME! Thank you. I needed that little boost today.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ok. That was amazing.

I'd like to have my neck stretched like that...but I bet it would hurt like hell! LOL

It's a shame that our little girls have to compete with this sort of thing. Well, and us too. But hopefuly we're older and wiser.