Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Don't You Feel Special

Yeah, weird huh? After days of being evasive and unable to post I thought I would share. Don't worry, it's a quickie-post. (Yeah, I know I said quickie-heh heh heh heh).

I have been feeling a lot of stress and worry this week over what is to become of our family stuff, we have a great deal to think about in regard to all of us working together to assist at home with my Father. He made it out of the hospital, and that's great, but he's in no shape to be self-sufficient. Mom can't handle it all alone, and we all have tons of stuff to do as well. I guess these things are taken care of naturally, we just have to hold fast to our knowledge that everything happens for the greater good, and strive to get through it... doing what we have to do, taking it one step at a time.

So I went out at lunch time and relaxed a moment, snapped a few random photos of curious things I saw around town... hope you enjoy.

First, a few snapshots of today's overcast day... nothing special.

Next, a little comedy in every day life:

Being a procrastinator, and a dreamer, I appreciated this tag... I feel ya!

Sign says "Buy 1 get 1 Free Mixed Nuts"... just thought it was cute. :P

I don't think I'm hungry enough to spring for this over-priced fish sandwich!!!

I love this, right outside of Neil's on Madison (a great place if you ever visit Memphis), They sport a daily special, "Beer, Burgers Free Tomorrow"... Yes, the perfect marketing strategy!


farmer dave said...

hi been reading your blog for a while and enjoy reading it, glad your dads is getting better, i read your post about sayings and so on, i was in this pub the other day and a sign over the bar said, if you wanted to stay longeer you should of come earlyer it brought a smile to my lips lol

Wormbrain said...

A DOUBLE Filet-o-Fish?

Those sandwiches aren't that great to begin with, but DOUBLE?

Jay said...

So would a SINGLE Filet-o-Fish only cost $129.50?

Anonymous said...

Glad you're OK!

all that food is making me hungry!

awa said...

Ohhhh, my FAVE! Why, oh why!? Such torture of a Fish Filet this time of NIGHT! You know Macky Dee's closes at 12! :)

BBC said...

I've learned to just deal with stress. The whole world is going bat shit crazy and taking me with it.

Thanks for the pics, it's nice to see what it is like around there.

I posted about my license plate.
New Plate

BBC said...

Never mind, I see that you already looked at that post.

A fish sandwich sounds good, I haven't had one of them for ages. I wonder if the ones at Wendy's are any good.

Aunt Jackie said...

farmer dave! Cool thanks I'm glad you stopped by.

worm! long time no see... Yeah I agree.

jay! That sounds about right then. Buy me one?? haha

janet! Thank you, and sorry to rouse your appetite! At least no photos of the food.

awa! You poor thing, you should've read earlier. :D

bbc! Yeah, guess we just gotta roll with it... I'm just wiped out I'll come back around to myself I guess soon.

Memphis for the most part looks like a shithole but there are nice sights too... I love photos.