Friday, February 29, 2008

Pleasure of Illusion

(The TGIF Friday Post)

Well thank goodness! I reached out to Jinks and she responded. Jinks Posted Everybody! Go Read. Glad to see she's peeking in again, and I'm hoping we can see and read more of her. She's really a fabulous person with alot of cool ideas and she writes very well... This post was just a short one, letting us know what she's been up to for the last few weeks but still, it's a dose of Jinks. Now her blog comments got screwed up one time, so if you read her, and wanna comment you will have to Leave Her Comments Here. She'll really appreciate if you stop by and say hello.

What about me?? My sister said the other day, "You must be really busy, you didn't blog today." Yes, if I miss a day or two sometimes people think that there is something wrong with me because I blog a lot. I try to put something down even when I have nothing to say. I don't know why. Maybe it's good, maybe it's just another symptom in this disease. Who knows. I enjoy it, and I will blog until I stop enjoying. I have really met some sweet and wonderful people through blogging, even if they are just out there in blogland and we never meet. It has been neat to find out that there aren't ALL bad mortals out there... lol ;)

This has been such a busy week, what with Mr. J and I in the gym working it, shaking our booties, pumping iron, and just everything else... I finished up some big deadlines at work, some important ones, so I am grateful for that. It's like a load off my shoulders. That's a good feeling.

Now if I could just get that same "feeling of accomplishment" at home, we'll be in business! I have every chance this weekend, I MUST get my tax crap done this weekend, so I can get that worry out of my head. Mr. J bugs the piss out of me worrying over taxes. I truly hate Tax Season. I think most people do... and I'm sure there are those of you out there who don't worry about any of that stuff. But for those of us who are sweating it right now, I want to bring back a little favorite from last year's tax season. This was done by Dan, who scarcely blogs anymore but still Rocks. I truly enjoyed this video, "Dan Does His Taxes"... grab some coffee and watch.

Some things that bug me don't bug the average person. But I would like to quickly bitch about more rude obnoxious people. As I was having lunch with Mr. J today, this @&&#& was seated at the connecting 'half booth' to us, when in fact there were plenty other tables to be had. She kept staring, and looking over our direction, while waiting for someone (her date I suppose), and when she wasn't staring, she was on the Cellphone talking to someone about her whole existence, which I didn't care to hear. Totally annoying. Then finally her Prince Charming arrives, and sits down, it's nearly time for us to get up and leave. I feel boxed in-there is a small space between their table top and ours, since it's a connecting half-booth type thing, so I have to turn around and stick my ass in the guy's face to get out of the booth. I'm sure Princess Cellphone had to gossip and laugh about that when we left. But it served them right, she could've moved anywhere else in the restaurant. I hate people who act like they are the only ones in a restaurant, loud voice levels, annoying actions, and especially the STARING. Keep your eyes off us **@*#*F***!RS and mind your own damn business!!!

Anyroad (as my English blog pals would say), so the weekend is upon us and it's time to see what trouble I can stir up... o.k., so that will mainly consist of me trying to clean house, do laundry, and stay afloat... once that's done I never have any time left for devilish deeds... but one can hope.

Have a fabulous, safe, annoyance and asshole-free weekend!


Jay said...

Taxes blow. Such a pain in the ass. Well, not so much for me. My life is pretty simple most of the time. ;-)

Maybe you and Mr. J should have given that bitch something to stare AT! LOL ;-)

BBC said...

Jinks seems cool to me, already been there, done that. If she wasn't married I might shag her. :-)

Story of my life anymore, all the good ones are taken.

BBC said...

Ignore that first comment, I'd screw her brains out (as is she needed them anyway) and then leave her because she wanted a nicer home.

Women always want a nicer home. *sigh*