Sunday, February 24, 2008

Studio Daze

We recorded about 6 or 7 tracks on our new CD last night, got drums and bass down for them... that's the beginnings. My "recording booth" happens to be the restroom at our Band Rehearsal facility... lol!!! "Coming to you live from the bathroom in Memphis Tennessee, is our very own Jaxxx!" ha-ha. It is to laugh... however, we're luckier than most, other bands are paying out their asses to record. We are lucky enough to have a drummer who has the production know-how, and equipment to save us all that dough, and the mastering we have connections on too. This is going to be a big CD!

Today, I'm tired though, and I'm going with my friend Kim to the Metaphysical fair just for kicks... Who knows, I might learn something.


(I'm going to update the post later with photos, check back)



Send us a cd of your stuff for Drunk Punk babe eh? Bet you've a wicked voice!

In hospital tomorrow for tests so I could use some sounds - mail me a couple of your old tracks or some'at. Ta x

Jay said...

Some day when you guys are all famous and stuff you can re-release these songs as part of a Greatest Hits CD with bonus "Bathroom Recordings" How cool will that be??

BBC said...

Hey, what happened to the comment I left here?

Further on up the road said...

I should get my arse in gear and get something going myself. If only I had the confidence, it's been nice spending most of the last 20 years in a bedroom "perfecting" my technique... err i.e. not having the guts to get out and do it for real that is.

g-man said...

DO we get CD's? Do we get to take the photos and make the album cover? Sounds like a contest to me :)