Friday, February 15, 2008


Ahhh It's over with! The "V" word. It's a relief in a way. I mean, I guess I will come off hypocritical in this post because, I mean I did have a nice day yesterday and Richie got me a Vermont Teddy Bear and it was a surprise. All was well until the evening when Richie fell asleep way too early for any decent chance of Romance because he was all hopped up on cold medications and snoring like a freight train. All's well that ends well I suppose.

I just still maintain that the day is what it is, and it takes advantage and over-commercializes. We will drop the subject though.

Here is my Vermont Teddy Bear.

Richie bought me the "Artist Bear", since I am deep-down, basically an artist... I just got misplaced in a technological world. Underneath this tech-savvy skin, and mean exterior, I am an oil-painting, moody, crazy-strange-creative slob. :) Thanks again "Bear" for the bear, I love it! And I Love you! (As My good friend Barnze always says, "Aint Love Grand???" It is... Commercializations, Marketing and Monopolies are not.

Ok, so it is Friday and we made it through another week in this world... For that, I'm grateful.

This weekend, I have planned some extensive house cleaning, helping Richie get over this Cold (which I hope he does soon, and I pray and BEG that I don't get it!!! Please No!). And then I'm not sure what the rest of the weekend holds. My company gets the President's Day holiday off, so for me it is a 3 day weekend. I love 3 day weekends. I love 7 day weekends even better but those are rare.

Anyways, you all have a great one and I hope that this morning, after the whole excitement of last night's enchanting VD fest, you all still have a Happy Heart.


Jay said...

Does the little bear have a name?

Hey that mug would hold an excellent amount of tequila to get a person through the morning!

katy said...

I love teddies, last one i got was from my son for mothers day.
your new teddy is cute.
Hope Richie is feeling better soon, hope he is sleeping in a seperate room so you dont get the nasty cold!

R.E.H. said...

Cute teddybear.

Glad you had a happy, non commercialized, Valentine's Day!

And, don't catch whatever Richie's got.

Jimmy said...

7 day weekends are the tops

By the way I just noticed (via your profile) that you like some very tasty music!
Live it LOUD

Jay Cam said...

nice bear!

and yes, what is its name?


i heard it was bad to name a girl's bear, so name it quick!

BBC said...

I'll bet that isn't the bear (bare) you wanted. :-)

Jimmy said...

AJ - Thank you so much for dropping by my Blog, your praise of jeans and Lemmy most welcome!

Have a good weekend

Joel said...

Nice profile image! Suddenly, twisted heads are everyone's favorite pose for a photo :)

Wow, 3 days weekend is great! We are expecting a 4 day weekend end of this month-for Kuwait's liberation day (The gulf war with Iraq in 1998)

Have a nice weekend!

g-man said...

Hey Look out that bear is poopin' on your keyboard! :)

My wife is sick again(Joy) so I can relate.

Further on up the road said...

Given the bear is an artist why not name him after your fav? For me then he'd be Salvador probably.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

VD festival? Sounds like the late 80's ....

Is the whole world sick?? I have had a cold that just won't go away. I have also read blogs across the globe talking of illness as well, not just US. Stinks!!!!!!!!

gr said...

Aunt Jackie visited my blog yippee!
Your bear is the coolest, the best.