Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Weekly Words Challenge #21

Well I made it (barely). Tink of Pickled beef says her suckiness prevailed? Nonsense. It is MY suckiness that prevails this week, as I really had a rough time finding things that inspired me for the words, "Narrow" and "Broad". I did the best I could, so here you go...

This rock path on the nature trail is narrow...

Narrow street during road construction.

I'm a Broad ;)

Broad Street, literally.

This section of downtown looks pretty broad.

That's it for today, still playing a lot of catch up around work and we're also having a great deal of bad weather brewing today... Will see you tomorrow.


Tink said...

Are you kidding? That nature trail picture is AWESOME!

Jay said...

That nature trail pic IS great!

That pic of that good-looking "broad" is pretty cool too.

You did an excellent job with all of them!

Joel said...

Nice idea for broad! Good to know that all is well with you :)

BBC said...

I would love to go for a walk on that nature trail.

R.E.H. said...

Hey! Also missed out on your WWC there!

The nature trail shot is stellar! I like the others too - you ARE a broad, and Broad Street - that was cool.

R.E.H. said...


I means Almost, of course!

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks guys! Hope your week was good!