Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Tuesday Scone

I haven't alot to say this fine Tuesday. The WWC took alot out of me. :) That's o.k. though, I enjoyed it immensely. If you want to participate, just follow my 'Link to Tink', and find out what to do...

The only other things on my mind this week are how people seem to continue getting "assholier" by the day. (Present company accepted though! You are all wonderful... those of you who haven't banned me, which is all of you except one sour-ass).

Also, Lemmy's moles are still alive and well. In fact I for some reason never noticed the 2nd mole until I was watching a documentary on Metal, and happened to zoom in to see the second mole... Almost as mighty and nasty as the first, but not quite. It's like Lemmy's mole's assistant or something. I wondered to myself if these horrible looking growths have ever prevented Lemmy from getting laid... do you think?? Eeeek.

Lastly, I have been really fighting the sugar cravings lately. Trying not to do so badly, and we're pumping our iron, and we're trying to eat healthy, but I just keep craving sweets. I didn't know if it was like PMS or what... so I hope that these crazy-candy-fits go away soon.

That's the word on the street from here... Back to you! Have a great day.


Joel said...

Gulp! I guess it happens, until someone shows 'those' people how to be a real asshole!

her indoors said...

would have to have them moles removed yuk!
you now if you are craving something sweet you need to have it, something sweet that is! then the craving will go and you can get back to eating healthier, trust me

Aunt Jackie said...

Joel! I'm not sure what you mean? Hopefully not the bad one will poison all my good apples?

Indoors! I've tried that, I just keep eating the sweets... When is it going to go away? :D

Nothingman said...

This guy is immortal!! I think its his moles that make him im-mole-tal!
he ha ha ha!


Further on up the road said...

Mr Killminster still going strong. In the last 2-3 years we've seen them live about 4 times!

"We are Motorhead and we play rock and f***ing roll".