Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Dear Diary...

It's time for bed, but I thought I would say a few words.

I'm ready for some big, positive changes. I've been way too bored lately. I want to get out there and experience stuff again and I want to photograph and paint the whole world. I want to make it big just to get a tour bus and go everywhere and do nothing but get ready for a gig, play with my camera and play video games from city to city.

I want to write my lyrics and my stories and my poetry, and leave my talent and creativity in a time-capsule for someone to find hundreds of years from now... and I want them to see it or read it and be totally blown away... I will doubtfully leave a genetic mark on this world, so it would be cool to leave a loud, colorful one... Something, anything... Isn't that what we all want? To be remembered in some form? It's so very easy to live here for this fleeting moment and then just be washed away with the next rainstorm.

Where is that stupid time machine I ordered (I know) several years ago? Do I need to write the company headquarters and threaten lawsuit? Get that thing in the mail... now! I want to use it to go fly back to all of the fantastic moments I remember in my head... only then can I prove that they are just as exhilarating and brilliant as they are now in my mind's eye.

I wish all the negative thoughts and bad moments of my life were just a dream, and that I could go to sleep right now, and wake up tomorrow as everything I ever wanted to be and feeling like everything I ever wanted to feel... electric fantasia comes and goes so easily.

Going to bed now Diary... hopefully I'll have pleasant dreams.



Further on up the road said...

For a long long time - I felt the same as you state in this post.

However nowadays I'm not so sure? I used to obsessively read obituaries of people I'd never heard of jealous that they got an obit in a national paper.

Crazy - I'd never heard of them until they died and the next day had forgotten them anyhow.

I just think the best I can do is live a happy good life whilst I'm here and now - and there is never enough time etc. etc. So make the most of now not of then and not of the future. Sometimes works sometimes not but it seems better than the old always regretful always resentful me.

her indoors said...

it would be wonderful if all the bad parts of our lives were wiped away, but then would we know how to enjoy the good parts?

captain corky said...

I hope you had sweet dreams and I look forward to watching you take over the world. ;)

Jay said...

That time machine was confiscated by Homeland Security.

I wouldn't mind going back in the past but only for specific days and events. A lot of it I can do without reliving.

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks guys ;)

Ramble on... AJ