Sunday, October 28, 2007

Ramble On

Weekend coming to a close here... I'm basically sitting back chilling while Mr. J watches yet another History Channel feature about Nostradamus. This is a good thing, especially if I want to go to bed and have night terrors.

I thought I would do a Sunday night post to include some ranting and some rambling. Some of the rants, I've talked about before so no doubt will it be a repeat and probably bore some of you who read me. However, lots of times when I mention topics such as "bad customer service" and "public assholes", I get a great deal of followers who wholeheartedly agree.

I mention customer service workers, once again, because over the weekend I happened to go through a well-known franchise drive-thru, and noticed more crap-assed behavior on the part of the "cheery" workers there. I make my order, they repeat it (so far so good), then I get to the first window. I noticed right away that the girl waiting to take my money keeps the window clasped shut until she thinks I am totally ready to make the transaction. Then as soon as I hand her my card, without even a "Good Morning, how are you?!?" she slams the tiny glass portal shut like I have the bird flu or something. Once she's run the card, she opens the hatch back up and shovels me my card with a simple "They'll give you your receipt at the second window." Then before I can finish saying, "Thanks, have a great day!" (which is habit), **SLAMM!!!** The little portal is sealed once again. This forces me to cuss her under my breath as I roll forward wondering which other shithead will hand me my bag and receipt... Still hopeful, I try to smile at the 2nd window worker. They sling me my drink with the top barely on, so I have to make sure it doesn't spill in my lap, then they slap me my bag, and slam the door once again without 2 words... I briefly wonder if they spit on my food, and drive forward cussing under my breath again "Don't have a nice day then, ever... like I give a shit!" I think sourly.

If anyone working at these type of jobs, (i.e., restaurants, drive-thru's, coffee shops, anything like this where you're dealing with customers) happens to be reading this post, by some strange cosmic coincidence, then please... PLEASE read these next words and take them totally to heart. Think about this the next time you get a customer, and you decide to be less than pleasant. The next time you decide to be down right sour-assed. No matter what you have going on in your life, if you're having a hard time, whatever, you are NOT the only one. In fact how do you know that the person you're serving isn't on the brink of something psycho? There are lots of news stories about people blowing away an entire fast-food joint, and we always think ill of them. But have you ever wondered if maybe they've just been treated like dirt by one too many ill-mannered customer service people? Not saying that it could or couldn't contribute for sure, but it's always a little safer to smile and force out a simple "Have a nice day" rather than take the asshole route. If you don't like that type of work, for God's sake please quit, and go find a job where you're locked away in a cubbyhole somewhere and don't have to deal with people. Your one sour frown can start a domino effect of resentment and ill-will that can only come back to bite you in the ass later. So be safe, smile and at least say hello. Ok, end of that rant.

Rant #2, This one will be quite short actually. Calling ALL Drivers Please don't pull out in front of someone only to go 20 MPH, or to take the very next turn, especially when there was only ME (or one or two cars) that you would have to wait on... Try to remember to practice common road courtesy. This means nothing more than using turn signals, driving without your high-beam headlights in my eyes (oncoming OR driving behind me-neither is acceptable), and just use your pea-brain when it comes to decisions while driving. Your courtesy on the road will go a long way towards protecting you from me dragging you out of your car and beating your face into the asphalt... truly.

Now a little more positive rambling. I went down to Mom's today and took her copper bracelet I bought for her in Hot Springs. Also, I gave Dad a nice big bag of Peanuts. (Dad always likes for you to bring him something if you bring Mom a gift. Otherwise, he gets his feathers ruffled). My sister, Jeanne (closest one in age to me, but still 13 years my senior) dropped in unexpectedly. Jeanne is the one who takes most after Mom in her temperament, and is most likely to knock your block off if you piss her off. I'm pretty strong and muscular myself, but I wouldn't even want to meet Jeanne in a dark alley (he-he). As freakishly terrifying and mean as Jeanne can be, she's still loving in her own way, and every once in a while she'll break out with a little tenderness and show it to her baby sister.

While we were browsing through the latest batch of photos that I had printed for Mom, we were talking about Hot Springs and how nice it is. She and her husband Chris have even ridden their Harleys up there with some other friends who ride. She said she really loves it and suggested that we sisters (the four of us, Jeanne, Debbie, Vickie and myself) should all go up and have a "Sisters Weekend". This shocked me that she would suggest spending this time with us all on a trip, but in a good way... it's a positive change that gives me a little bit of hope as to possibly getting back to a closer relationship with my family members once again. That's something that I think about a great deal. It's something that I would love to see come to fruition. I can only hope that the other two sisters will seriously think about this, and we may really be able to plan it. It would be a blast! Something for us to remember always... life is unpredictable, sometimes-bitter, and short. We need to jump for this chance.

As usual I had several cups of coffee while visiting Mom and Dad. Mom's coffee is like crack (pardon my drug-abuse comparison). I just can't stop with one or two, I end up drinking probably 5 or more. I make it at home too, but it's just better there... I can't explain it.

Then I headed back home, listening to a really old friggin song... some of you might remember it. It's called "Thunder Island" by Jay Ferguson. This is a song that I remember hearing with I was extremely young, like a baby kind of... and it always reminds me of my room at "home" (as in Mom-n-Dad's house-home) and my sisters, and feeling safe... I'll try to find a YouTube video of it real quick... hang on. ;) ******** Cool, o.k. I found one. Look at the extremely gay-looking album cover while listening to this song.

Well? Do you remember it? Like it? Hate it? Of course I am not saying it is any kind of genius, a great, or even a 'good' song. If I'm not mistaken, it was a "1 hit wonder". I'm sure it's an early 70s thing... It just evokes a memory, a childhood memory nonetheless, and I love reminiscing. I know I stay stuck on things of the past a lot but they make me feel good. In fact, while listening to this and a few other really old songs on my way up the highway to my house, I actually caught a brief 'magic youth' sensation, you know what I mean... like an essence or electrical-magic feeling you get only during really perfectly happy times in life?? It's something that I rarely get to feel nowadays, so when it happens I relish it... I try to hang on to it tightly!

Maybe it's fall, maybe it was a glimmer of its return. One could only hope to get that feeling again in life. To me, it's the best feeling in the world.


Jay said...

I vaguely remember that song. Gotta love that guys long flowing hair flying in the wind. And the porn stache. LOL The 70s rocked. haha

captain corky said...

If you ever come to visit me make sure you bring me bag of peanuts. ;)

Have a great day Jackie!

JINKS said...

that is so cool.... a sister trip.....get your motor running...head out on the highway...before life goes by.

good post.

Further on up the road said...

On the family front.... where do I start?

I had a whole bunch of issues which over the years disappeared - esp. last year when my brothers marriage broke up and he turned to me for support. I was very surprised. But that and losing Mum last year brought my brother, me and my sister a lot closer and I'm very glad that has happened.

On the major food chain. We don't eat in the one near our local cinema since my son wrote the most appalling comment about the intelligence of the workforce on a customer comment card and the manager stood and read it in front of us! Just then his friend was being kicked out the kitchen having gone in to ask exactly how hard was it to cook fries?