Wednesday, October 17, 2007

That Thing You Do

Anyone else ever feel like some phenomenon "Stalks" them from time-to-time? For me, it has long been The King of Rock and Roll, a.k.a. "Big E", that's right... Elvis. I started to notice it one day when I was driving peacefully down the interstate when I looked over and saw a humongous, hulking Elvis-face billboard glaring at me. Although slightly dizzied, and taken aback, I continued my safe driving. Then I went into a music store, and saw even more Elvis faces looking at me slyly with that crooked grin. "WTF?!?" I thought... "What's with this? Why am I seeing him everywhere I go?" It never seemed to let up (and I'm not even "into" Elvis!)

My best friend, Tamra and I (and I think I've mentioned this before) began noticing that he was increasingly everywhere! Shopping in the store, he was on a box of candy. Shopping for clothing, he was on T-shirts and souvenirs. Magazines, Books, Calendars, Wall Hangings, of course CDs and on the Radio! Since we couldn't shake him, we decided to make it a huge joke. We sent each other silly Elvis post cards "written by the king himself", letters, funny voice messages (It got to where I was pretty good at doing an Elvis impersonation myself!) We even stopped off at a photo booth and posed with him in his Pink Caddy.

"Simma down blonde mamas, The King is trying to Drive."

The madness continues even today, although Big E has let up a little bit, but he always lets me know he isn't far... He's still watching, waiting and reminding.

I was thinking about this phenomenon of being "Stalked" by certain things like that this morning when I woke up to the movie "That Thing You Do" on T.V. Not that it's a bad movie, I kind of enjoyed it the first couple of times I watched it and my niece Jolie, she used to love it. So I scan over the movie briefly, go about my business and leave for work. Get in the Elevator to head up to my floor this morning and the song, "That Thing You Do" is blaring from the Musak in the elevator. I begin to get that 'creepy' feeling once again. Is someone trying to tell me something? ;)


ZigZagMan said...

I still stand by my theory that Elvis is alive and well to this day. Ironically he makes his living as a really bad Elvis impersonator...and likes it that way...:)

her indoors said...

Elvis can stalk me anytime

JINKS said...

Cute picture of you girls with the E factor, and I'm glad you have gotten in touch with your
"inner Elvis" does tend to get a person all shook up at times...following your train of thought..for the past several weeks all I've noticed ford explorers...everywhere, my husband drives one that is being held together by shear will....hey, ask Elvi what that could mean?......

Jay said...

I get stalked by certain songs all the time. I'll get in the car and some song will be on so I'll change radio stations and moments later they'll play the same song. It's usually a really crappy song too. LOl

Elvis was okay, I guess. His movies sucked though. LOL

awa said...

Elvis, Tupac and JFK all own a private island in the Carribean.

Yep, they sure do.

Ya'll look hella good, girl!

Sorry I haven't been around...just found out Lawn Dude is a nutbag.

Aunt Jackie said...

Zigs, you may just be right there... It's very strange isn't it?? ;)

Indoors, Yes, I thought you might say that! LOL

Jinks, It's bringing out the Elvis eh? We can't explain it... Ford?? Oh Lord!

Jay, Songs are the worst-when they happen to be the worst... That was a post I did not long ago on "Earworms" kind of.

Awa, well you know, we are southern girls ;) You know what I'm talkin about... I bet those dudes are havin the time of their life if they are...

captain corky said...

I watched a bunch of Elvis footage during Elvis Month on TV Land and I think that Elvis now owns a painting company in DC because I think I worked for him for 4 years in the 1990's. I could be wrong though.