Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Getting Over The Hump

Not only am I trying to battle "mid-week", I am playing catch-up from having been on vacation, this being my first day back to the grind. My morning began less-than-delightful with a power outage on my entire block, so I was late, as well as attempted to get beautified by the soft glow of candlelight (this was not a successful venture). So scarecrow me, has finally added the remainder of the photos to my Hot Springs 2007 gallery... Here for your review... Hope you're all liking them (there are a good many photos here, and some of them may be repeats at this point so my apologies).

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The post from yesterday was quite long, as Blu pointed out, but it details our trip mostly, so if you feel like the read, then catch up... If not, you can view the trip in pictures, which always speak for themselves! :)



Jay said...

Love the pictures. You guys had great weather for your trip!


magic pics babe.

I need a holiday.


Chalice said...

Great pics! Sounds like you had a good weekend!

By the way, Wax Museums are creepy as hell. After watching the original movie I have a hard time going to them...

Like the way My Blu points out your long post! Want me to slap him??? I could if you want :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, thanks! Yes the weather held out great! Until the ride home... lol

Dinners! Glad you liked the pics... I wish you could take a nice holiday, you deserve one.

Chalice! Thank you, we had much fun, enjoyed an extra day off too!

Wax museums are definitely creepy. I've not seen that movie, should I? Hehe... you can slap Blu if you want, in fun of course! :)

Further on up the road said...

I feel the same as you, back to work on Wednesday isn't a smart move.

Then less than 4 hours sleep last even worse!

Then realising I have to present to a team of senior managers etc. late this afternoon on a video conference - this day is going down hill like a train without brakes! :-)

Further on up the road said...

Oh yeah - love the pics of the lake etc.

But not the waxworks. Very odd! Is it me of do they all look like they are all on something! What's with the grins? Esp the Clintons and the Royal family. Creepy!

captain corky said...

Awesome pics. It looks really nice there.

JINKS said... need to go more springs is a great place for a chick trip....hint...hint.

Aunt Jackie said...

Further! Yeah the grins were creeping me out too... well Wax figures in general are creepola.

Corky! Thanks, it is a cool place to hang for a weekend!

Jinks! Yes! I got-cho numba. We'll plan it up sometime.