Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Rare Dreams, Common Realities

Last night, I had a dream where I was photographing a Peacock... The peacock looked happy about being photographed, and I was waiting for him to put on a "show" so I could capture it on film. This was about all I remember from last night's dreaming, but I had to look it up and see what the glorious peacock symbolized... this is what I found:


To see a peacock in your dream, represents spring, birth, and new growth. It is a good omen, signaling prestige, much success and contentment with your career. It may also be telling of your confidence and even arrogance over your success.

Therefore it was a good thing... and I do love peacocks so that was kind of cool... Peacocks are rare in these parts, but I have been around them because my Mom always collects odd birds such as the peacock and Guinea fowl.

Speaking of rare, that's one of the words for today's WWC (Weekly Words Challenge, brought to us by the lovely
Tink, of Pickled Beef.) I had a hard time getting my entry together, it's just been a hectic week... but I do hope you enjoy... If you remember, the theme words were "Rare" and "Common" (What's your interpretation?). Normally, I try to incorporate in one photo, but I thought I'd go all out today.

It's rare to see Buffalo in the middle of Downtown Memphis, but here they are!

Trolleys are a very common site downtown, and today was no different.

It's also kinda rare to see someone like this guy walking
the street with a big bouquet of flowers...

Other photos for your enjoyment:

A pretty common view of Beale Street at Second St.

A colorful window display in the window at The Peabody Hotel.

Other than the WWC, nothing much to report besides the same annoyances and rants, and you guys have heard them enough that I don't feel they bear repeating, not today anyway... Oh, don't worry I am still all about ranting on Unkind, Rude, and Ignorant people (and there are plenty to speak of around here), but I just don't have the time to get into it today... Maybe catch me tomorrow!! Which is... Hump Day! Happy Rare Dreams, and Common Realities from your AJ!!!


Tink said...

Great pictures! I love the one of the Buffalo and Trolleys. Which are both rare sights to me. I've never seen a trolley, if you can imagaine. But we do have an old Spanish fort where I live.

Chelle Y. said...

It is so fun seeing everyone's different take on all the words. You do not get many buffalo here, but the trolleys are all SF.

Thanks for stopping by my WWC!

Aunt Jackie said...

Tink: I thought that would be a little giggle with the Buffalo painted on the wall, and the trolleys, I'll send you a few!! :)

Chelle y: Thanks! Glad you came by... I've seen real buffalo out in the country but that would've gone under rare too!!

Much fun!

Jay said...

Great pics again Jaxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (I couldn't decide how many "x's" should go there so I put a bunch.)

I stood right there on that spot on Beale Street under the B.B. King's sign. I was very .... VERY drunk the first time I was there. LOL

And I think I ate at the Blues Cafe across the street. Or some cafe across the street. It might have had a different name. This was many years ago.

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay: Thanxxxxxxxx!!! Depending on what day it is, there are varied numbers of Xs in my moniker! :) Sometimes, if I'm feeling saucy, they even go Upper and Lowercase (JaxXxXXxxXxXxxxX) <--BLu may have started that one.

Memphis can be cool... you just have to know where to go and where not to go... Unfortunately, I've never adhered to the "where not to go" part... hehe.

Further on up the road said...

Plenty of peacocks around here - almost every "family farm" or "stately home" has a bunch of the buggers.

We stayed at a lovely flat on the island of Jersey a couple of years back. It was out in the country a bit but close to a very large old country house. Sqwaak, Sqwaak - after the first 2 days their calls lost the appeal.... Loved the red squirrel that used to visit us though.

her indoors said...

Memphis is a place I would love to visit, clever photos AJ

awa said...

Love the pics! Email me so I can send you my new link...

awaitingxtasy @ gmail

Jay Cam said...

lol common pictures are so cool!
so, since a peacock in your dreams symbolizes "new growth"...are you growing another arm/leg?

just wanted to know in case I started dreamin of peacocks!