Friday, October 12, 2007

This Is The End

... of this very long, trying week. Thank you all for the words of encouragement and all about this week's "Aunt Jackie Ban" by a well-known blogger, and I won't mention any names. You may or may not have known who it was that got pissed with me, it doesn't matter now. I had sent an apology note, and tried to find out what exactly I did to deserve the kick to the curb, and I got no response.

I tried... I failed, I'm moving on. His comradery will be missed, but as a few of you have pointed out, it's truly their loss... Meanwhile, I still have so many great visitors to this blog and I won't be wasting any time continuing on with my writing, fun and entertainment... I don't deserve the wasted time, and neither do you, my dear readers and 'Blog Friends'... So let's move forward. "Here's mud in your eye, you dirty dog, Your loss and I forgive you for your short fuse and your blatant misunderstanding of me." That's all I have to say about that. :)

O.k. So I've been thinking a lot this week about scents, and how they affect my nostalgia for certain events of the past, good memories and all that.

"Oooh That Smell"

Some smells I like but are not attached to memories... such as dry erase markers, paint fumes and inks... Oh wait, that's not true paint fumes and inks take me right back to when I was in school for Commercial Art/Graphic Design... with my favorite teacher, Kim Varnadoe... I miss that alot.

So, let's see, there is this air freshener in the Ladies' bathroom that reminds me of when I rented out my friend Bo's house for $200 dollars a month. I stayed there nearly a year-I rented the house thinking that it would bring me closer to him, but it didn't really... Alas that wasn't meant to be. Other scents that remind me of that house are certain incense aromas, and candles. Funny how we had always remained good friends and still speak even now when I see him, but my huge crush just never panned out. All for the better for sure. (Tamra knows this whole story).

There are certain colognes that remind me of teachers I had in school, even teachers as far back as first grade if you can imagine that! And not just scents take me back to school, but on some rainy days I can still remember the sensation of being in a classroom, feeling so cozy and comfortable because of the storm... I have always loved rainstorms and it never ceased to please me going to school on a rainy day... Even now, storms totally soothe my soul... Rain has a smell too (I'm getting off track from scents... I digress).

There's a certain smell (a cool crispness) that comes with fall... and sometimes it works hand in hand with when I smell smoke. Whether it be smoke from someone burning their first fire of the season, or smoke from campfires and cooking out, I always think of growing up with Mom and her campfires and sometimes just burning trash or leaves in the back yard... It makes me feel cozy, and I pine for Winter... and snow.

Speaking of Pine, pine scented candles, for a long time made me miss my "Z" (see Butterflies Zebras and Moonbeams story if you've never read it-it's my hottest love story). The time I spent with "Z" was all through the cold months too, so I guess there are many reasons that I am fond of fall and winter.

Back to colognes (mine and others): Windsong, I relate to my Mother. Stetson for a long time I connected with my marine ex-boyfriend Lee (he always wore Stetson and it mixed with the scent of his Leather duster) It smelled very sexy at the time. Eternity cologne will always remind me of Manny (he is the one who sprayed me with it and then inhaled me, thus making me addicted to wearing Eternity for, well Eternity! lol). Sunflowers reminds me of a lot of fun times in the mid-later 90s, and I like the smell of that. Of course, one of the most infamous that I speak of sometimes is a classic that my sister, Vickie and I still laugh about... It was Oscar De La Renta (she still wears it sometimes). We would ride around in the summertime in her Green Thunderbird with white leather seats, she would take my nieces to softball, or whatever and we'd have all the windows rolled down, and her Oscar would permeate the air... memories, memories, memories... Isn't it funny how certain smells can take you right back, almost like a time machine?

What's in your Olfactory Closet??


Jay said...

I don't know the name of the perfume but I remember a co-worker that used to just pour tons of some shit on her every single day and it would give me the worst headache ever. I was so allergic to her/it. I finally had to tell her to tone it down a bit. Of course, she got all pissed, but I didn't care at that point.

I love the smell of salt air like near the ocean. It reminds me of all those summer vacations we took when I was a kid to Florida.

Anonymous said...

My favorite is Cool water from Davidoff.

Speaking of natural scent, I love the smell of Fried chips that comes from the kitchen :)

Cynnie said...

there a bush ( shrub!) that has a certain smell..I dont really know the name of the bush, but it reminds me of summer camp,
catching little frogs and using them for bait..telling ghost stories around a fire and crying my eyes out cause I missed my mommy

And any smell thats soft and powdery..that reminds me of my mama mae..she was so tiny and soft and smelled so sweet and I still miss her daily

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay! Yes some people are very oblivious to the strength of their cologne, it can be a blessing or a curse!

Joel! That smells pretty good on men yes! I like the smell of my Mom cooking, pretty much anything.

Cynnie! Bush haahahah I see you caught yourself there. Awww smells can be very moving sometimes... Especially attached to such fond memories.

awa said...

I really don't wear perfume. I am a scented lotions kinda gal. I have some Chanel No. 5 and 2 others that are really nice, but it is a fear of mine that I will spray too much and cause everyone to have convulsions.

her indoors said...

love the smell of white musk, the smell of babies and the smell of me dogs feet, yep thats me all over strange lol
have a great weekend Aunt Jackie

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I love the smell of an autumn camp fire too!
My next scent love is an odd one... BUT, a walk in humidor at a cigar store will make my nasal hairs dance. yes - they really dance in my schnoze.

Colonge / Perfume for ladies???

I use whatever is given to me... for a female? I like that "goody smelly kind!" I'm not too smart here. Ha haaaaaaa!!

ohhh yes.. when driving home in traffic and you pass a steak house - that brings me to my knees

Cindi said...

Windsong always reminds me of my Grandma. She used to wear it all the time. She is in her late 80's now and doesn't wear it anymore but she still has several bottles of it in her bathroom. Bless her heart.

You will think this is really weird of me but there is a certain scent/body "odor" that I rarely smell but maybe once every several years and I don't know why but it reminds me of the scent of my mother when I was a very very small child snuggling against her breast. It is a kind of fleshy and milky scent. When I smell it, it takes me back to when I was such a wee one and it is a comforting maternal scent. The only person I have ever told this to is my mother...that is until y'all. LOL

I have an old bottle of Cachet that I don't ever use and for some reason hang on to it (I don't even know if it is made anymore..I wonder!)but the scent of Cachet perfume reminds me of being a teenager and cruising around with my girlfriend in her parent's Pinto station wagon in the 70's.

Jovan Musk for Men reminds me of my late ex-husband when we were dating. L'air du Temps reminds me of him too because he always bought it for me.

I remember my daughter loved Sunflowers and one Christmas she got several bottles of it from people. She also liked one called Exclamation!

Thanks for taking me down the memory road of scents.

Nothingman said...

Perfumes....ah, I remember my girlfriend's hair they always smelled so so nice...i'm not much of a perfume/cologne person myself, but yeah she had some nice choice when it came to scents...and rain anyday!! that smell beats any scent....there is actually a shop in delhi which 'manufactures' the scent of rain soaked mud, saw it on news how cool is that!!



Who?What?When? Somebody got the hump wi' yer? Dickhead.

My favourite is whatever Caz or Jax buys me. Long as it isn't likely to gas anyone it'll do....

Jay Cam said...

wow you described those moments so perfectly!
i envy you, sounds like you had some good times!

btw.. "dry erase markers, paint fumes..." . pertaining to that, i remember smelling those, but my use was probably different than yours!
; )


Jay Cam said...

sorry, "hehe" doesn't work with me...
i meant


Anonymous said...

Remember the mint flavored dental floss??????