Friday, October 05, 2007

Rodney The Undergraduate

My niece, Kristie was always very independent. Just 2 years my junior (due to the fact that I was a delayed blessing in my family and my sisters are all significantly older than me), she, Stacey and I grew up more like Sisters ourselves than Aunt and nieces. She went off to the Math and Science high school after tenth grade, attended Mississippi State and then headed off into the wild blue yonder (which happened to be Arizona). It was more independent and brave than the rest of us really, who stayed pretty close to home.

When she was going to college in Arizona, she would tell us about the people she met, and went to school with, and those that she became more familiar with got 'nicknames' kind of like "Rodney the Undergraduate" (as by this time she was in grad school). When she told the latest news and such, this is how we came to know her associates.

As you can see, Rodney the Undergraduate eventually became Rodney Man Candy, the Boyfriend, and then finally Rodney the Husband and Father... He played a small part in bringing us Jackson and Reanna so we all got some positive things out of the deal, eh?? They're pretty sharp kids!! :)

Today happens to be Rodney's birthday, so I thought I would find a special way to say Happy Birthday to YOU Rodney (what better way than showing the world your sandy goodness? hehe). Happy Birthday as well to everyone else who is celebrating a birthday on October 5th. (That includes a Happy Birthday then-I suppose- to Lee, my old Marine Boyfriend from way-back-when, you remember... the one I kinda almost married. Best wishes to you bud-you could probably use a prayer or two.)

What else is happening then, this weekend? Anything fun in your neck of the woods? Tell me what mischievous fun you are planning... hope the weekend is everything it's cracked up to be, and more!!!

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her indoors said...

happy birthday to Rodney.
this weekend same old same old i am affraid, thats nowt then! staring with a head cold so will enjoy doing nothing lol
have a great weekend A Jackie