Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Today's Only Tuesday (And WWC)

I know, I know what a fancy title that is... I'm feeling quite lazy this week for some odd reason, not that I'm acting on it--I'm still getting (some) things accomplished. But, I was totally thrown off track and nearly forgot that it was time for the WWC (Weekly Words Challenge) courtesy of the fabulous Tink of Pickled Beef. If you have not yet tried participating in the Weekly Words Challenge, it's tons of fun. Our favorite, hunk o'man, Cynical Bastard submits his photos, and always has great entries... and Tink has some wonderful photos too! So go check it out, and tell em' AJ sent'cha!

This week's WWC Theme words were "Posed" and "Natural". I was lucky this past weekend in getting my Mom to pose for me as she usually chases after me with the broom (I jest) for trying to capture her lovely face on film. So I had a wonderful, cooperative subject... My entries this week are not all that "clever", but they are good examples of Posed and Natural.

First I'll do...


Mom, pictured above in a nice, refined pose.

Self-portrait, which cannot be done without posing oneself.



Can you get more natural than Father and Son playing? The above photo is of my little nephew Blade, and his Father Wade securely holding him up on shoulders.

An Angel Statue from Elmwood Cemetary, unable to pose but fashioned in pose by human hands, however I feel she looks so natural.

And how about this

Posed AND Natural

Yes, another self-portrait... I "pose" and Mom looks on behind me unaware she was in the photograph, by the door, "natural".

Hope those were enjoyable.

Other than photography, and still struggling to get into my art (I need a kick in the head), I've been trying to get into the Halloween spirit, as October is my favorite Month and all. I even updated My MySpace and put a little Halloween theme, along with the profile song "Werewolves of London" and everything... Well, I try. It's not as much fun as it used to be. My best friend Tamra and I used to always "Get Decked Out" (meaning, dress to the nines, fix up and look totally Hawt-or however you like to put it), and we'd first take her daughter, Jessica trick-or-treating, then we'd go out on the town and just have the most fun... I miss those days, very badly sometimes. But Life happens, things come up and get in the way... Time is like a hurricane, destroying everything in its path... or sometimes it seems.

Halloween Candy... That's another thing. I am trying to restrict my sugary-goodness intake, but when I indulge, my favorite Halloween candies are those little "Pumpkin Creme" candies, you know they're made out of the same stuff candy corn is made from--So I love those things... And the occasional Halloween cookie with icing all over it. I used to love to Trick-or-treat when I was younger, but last year the neighborhood watch reported a creepy "Older Girl" running around trying to pretend she was only nine... I'm joking. Seriously though, I did trick-or-treat until I was about 11 and some gross old man (with old balls and loose skin) made the joke that I looked "old enough to get married"... and of course I never went again after that. Come to think of it, he was probably some weirdo perv anyway, or 'in his day', maybe 11 year olds did get married.

As a teenager, though, you are more interested in Haunted Houses and "TP'ing folks' Yards"... I never did that extensively, but I did go a couple of times... No good stories in there to tell really though.

One thing I am interested in trying out though, is a "Corn Maze" that they have out at the Agricenter. I've never done a Labyrinth or a Maze, so it looks like a lot of fun. That is, of course if there aren't a bunch of little screaming heathens running around perfecting their 'brain-piercing super-powers'. Also, the Zoo has some events that might be fun (Memphis Zoo Boo. So if you are going to be around Memphis this time of year, might want to check out that stuff. (Tell Em AJ Sent'cha <--my new key phrase lol).

So I will continue progressing on through the Month of Rocktober... which also means I'll be listening to my favorite Halloween music, watching my "Peanuts Holiday DVDs (It's The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown)", and catching a few good Horror Flicks to get into the spirit. Our favorite Horror "Marathons" to have are The Evil Dead movies, of course Stephen King's "It", Tamra and I love anything "Leatherface" (TCM classics!!), and a few others. What about you guys??

Have a Freaky week and be careful of what lurks in the shadows... It just might be me!! :O


Tink said...

Great pictures! I love how your Mom has her boots propped in the first picture. And the sepia tone in the last shot is perfect. Totally sets off your lip color.

As for Blade... I had a friend who named her son that. Then she married a man by the last name Slaughter and he adopted her little boy. Put the two together... Yeah. Scary huh?

Jay said...

I love the last "posed and natural" picture. That one works great!

I'm not giving out any Halloween candy this year I don't think. I only had a few kids last year and it's just impossible to know how much to get. But, I do love me some big Halloween cookies dripping with icing! That sounds like a brilliant idea.

gawilli said...

Nice pictures! I feel like such a slouch now. I'll do better next time. Really.

Happy Rocktober to you also. I am just getting into the spirit. It was awfully hard to think fall with 90 degree weather. Tonight it finally feels right, with a chill in the air.

I'm glad I visited. I'll be back!

awa said...

Love the photos! And I love halloween candy too...as long as artificial chocolate flavor is in the candy corn!

her indoors said...

great photos.
i do give trick or treaters sweets, but usually buy too much so i end up eating them lol

Anonymous said...

Maybe we should get together and go do something this year! I love this month, {although it hasn't felt like October, more like July,ugh!} but its still here. Hopefully after this week, the chill will be in the air and fog will be rolling on the ground at night.... I have something for you Jessie and I picked up at the mall the other day when we were shopping around. Its truly witchy like us girls. Hint- it's black and round.{no, not a candle} I got one for myself and you had better like it. It was sooooo us. :}

I miss our girl days....*sigh*
Evil Dead, yeah baby!

Love ya! Remember- Don't go down to the basement, somethin's down there....

Tamra loves Bruce!

Anonymous said...

WAIT! It's round AND square! Whoo Hoo!!!!!

Aunt Jackie said...

Tink! Thanks yes my mother and her shoes, she has many!

Jay! Thanks, yeah I hate waiting for the trick or treaters, and we don't get many either... Also, I worry about the ones who might trash the yard now!

Gawlii! Thanks, Yours were nice too... Yes I love fall!

Awa! Thanks, and candy is sooo yummy (sometimes)!

Indoors! Thanks m'lady!

Tamra!! I would love it, I miss it so bad. :(( I'm in a depressed mood now.