Thursday, October 04, 2007


Happy Guruvaar, That's to say it is "Fifth Day" (if you begin your count on Sunday)... a.k.a. sometimes as "Thursday". :) So TGIAF (that's Thank God it's Almost Friday!)

I wore the most annoying Sandals this morning... the kind that "slip on", and are made of a forming, corky-squishy material and I've worn long enough to get a footprint set... so sometimes, when I walk I get those "Foot Farts". Foot farts are made when you get an air pocket under your feet in certain types of shoes, mainly sandals and it makes a sound very similar to when you do Armpit Farts. It only happens on my right foot, however. But, it can be very embarrassing when the office is unusually quiet, and it always is... that is, when you have the foot farts.

For some reason, things have been vanishing on me lately. Does this ever happen to anyone else? Just like socks in the dryer... You swear up and down there is no logical way that said object or possession should have disappeared. It was just right there on your table, car seat (insert name of storage space here). For instance... I went to the grocery store the other night and picked up a few minor items that we were out of, and I purchased a not-so-cheap container of Pond's dry skin cream. I know it's not the most expensive cream, but I just hate to spend 5 or 6 dollars on ANYTHING only to immediately misplace it. I had it in the bag, and forgot-then the next day when I went to look for it, the little jar was no place to be found... Then two days ago, I went out at lunch with my Nikon to snap a few photos. My lens cap just up and decided to evaporate (or maybe it escaped through a portal or wormhole.

Digital interpretation of a Worm Hole

It is not possible that it left my car, I know when I took the camera out of the bag, I gently placed the lens cap inside the bag, and I did NOT leave the car, not even for a second. It was not in the bag, I searched my car (albeit that it is trashed at the moment), and looked everywhere. It was just gone. So I don't know what the deal is... Just the phase I'm going through this week.

In other news: Memphis Drivers are still rude, obnoxious and stupid and everyone in stores, parking lots and cars at redlights are assholes... That's the momentary 411 from your AJ... See you on the flip side. Have a great Thursday!


Jay said...

Shit disappears on me all the time. I trash the bedroom looking for something I thought was on the bookshelf. After a while I give up and then like two weeks later I'll find it sitting on a table or something. I blame gremlins.

I'm just gonna let what you said about Memphis drives stand on it's own. I've been known to go on a few Memphis rants in the past. There's a lot of bad blood between the UofA and Memphis High .. er I mean, U of Memphis. LOL

Aunt Jackie said...

Glad to know it is not just me... It's very irritating isn't it?

Hey I don't get into the Memphis sports politics... I like the Steelers and the Titans, and that's about as far as my love of sports goes. :) Oh, and old historic baseball biographies and movies.

awa said...

My stuff disappears on me too. Either they disappear or I forget where I put them. I prefer the disappearance theory.

Nothingman said...

Foot farts!! ha ha ha

Ok you are on to hindi names for weekdays? lemme know if you need any hindi translation for any word or something:)

There is funny thing my grandma did when things got lost. She tied the corner of any cloth in a knot, saying she has tied the 'devil' in the knot and opened the knot only when the said thing was found!

We rarely lost stuff in those days ;)


her indoors said...

foot farts lol!
gosh losing things all the time! hate it especially when you never find it! it goes into that black hole uh!