Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Devil Made Me Do It

I tried to resist, but just about mid-day, I sold my soul... ;)

Oh who am I kidding, I didn't try to resist.


Jay said...

How much did you get for your soul? I could use a little extra pocket change too. LOL

Cool pics. You little devil you. ;-)

Aunt Jackie said...

Hehe... Thanks Jay. It's an undisclosed amount, but now I can play Piano like a whirling durbish. (wait, I could already play piano... I've been jipped!!!)


Anonymous said...

Cool Glasses! Have a great day! :D

R.E.H. said...

Frightening... devil costumes scare me :O

Thanks for visiting my blog... ahem... Lord of Darkness :)

scarlett said...

Happy Halloween!

Kewl horns!

Further on up the road said...

First time I've witnessed Halloween USA style in person.

I never realised what a local community social party it is. I drove to downtown Mystic CT last night past loads of kids and Mums, Dads etc. all having fun.

Sadly trick or treat in the UK has become a bad time where gangs of youths often with no effort to do anything simply try to extort money from people. It's only a recent phenomenm in the UK - since the 1980s (I think ET started it).

We have Nov 5th with bonfire night - we should support that one. Mind you I should think on that - what do we celebrate then? The fact that they missed or that they tried... :-)

captain corky said...

Very hot! ;)

barnze said...

It's gotta bring the devil out of Mr j...

Aunt Jackie said...

Joel: Thanks! I've had quite alot of comments on them this week.

r.e.h: Oh please! :) Well just be happy you were graced by the darkness ;)

Thanks Scarlett! Hope yours was fun!

Further! You'll get in the swing of it... Sorry it's not a good thing in U.K... Hope you had a safe one.

Corky! *blush* Why thanks Captain.

Barnze! He doesn't need an excuse to act devilish, he's always up to something! haha.

Mrs.ZigZagMan said...

resistance if futile.... and those horns are hot!