Monday, October 15, 2007

Testing, Testing... Is This Thing On?

I trust you're all having a pleasant Monday. 'Pleasant Monday', you say? 'Is there such a thing?' Well, Mondays (or your equivalent first day of any given work week) can always be trying, but it's all what you make it... like anything else in life. We have to stop and remind ourselves, possibly daily, to take it just one step at a time and enjoy each and every moment.

I've decided that we're going to have a Pop Quiz. That's right, it's Monday and I'm giving you a Pop quiz. Aren't you glad I wasn't your teacher? :) So take out your pencils (in this case your pencils are your computer's "mouse" devices), so that you can answer today's Monday Test. Once you've gotten your results, come back and tell me how you did.

Go Here for Monday's Test

In other news... Mr. J and I have planned our 2nd Annual October Trip to Hot Springs, Arkansas. This upcoming weekend. This time, I will be armed with my Nikon, so no worries about having good, quality photos to bring back and show. I am going to definitely make it a priority this time to take in the Spa Baths and massage, I owe it to myself. We may do some fishing, and visit the Wax Museum. I can't wait! If you remember our trip last year, it was great! Click Here for Recap and To See 2006 Photos. We're staying in the same little place, maybe it will be a little 'Tradition' for Mr. J and myself... "Our Place". I'll keep you guys posted. Have a great week!


Beefcake Almighty said...


I've never considered that there could be ANYTHING that would attract ANYONE to Arkansas.

Guess I'm wrong.

Cindi said...

I didn't do well on that pop quiz...4 out of 11! Duh!

Aunt Jackie said...

Beefy: There are a few places, like Hot Springs and around the Ozarks that are pretty nice... Arkansas just gets a bad rep--It's pretty scenic.

Cindi: Wow, not too great!! Go have another couple cups of coffee and restart your Monday! ;)

Jay said...

I got 10 out of 11 on the quiz. Freaking pill question is bullshit. LOL ;-)

I've only been to Hot Springs for the races. You know that Al Capone used to stay at the Arlington Hotel in Hot Springs all the time. And that Meyer Lanksy was arrested while staying there when he was busted for last time and deported?

Yup, Hot Springs used to be a really cool town, before Winthrop Rockefeller was governor and he shut down all the casinos and left only the horse track.

Joel said...

Gosh! I scored 2 out of 11. The test is witty!

her indoors said...

lol loved this test i got 8 out of 11!

Anonymous said...

We buzzed through Hot Springs.. I think. I'm sure I've been there, just didn't stay. Who knows where we were going :) Prolly lost ;) My sleep-around neighbor is from there so I fear staying there too long for fear of picking up the sleep-around germs in the water :) Woo-hah!! Don't drink the water!!! Well, OK, or do :) But have a great time! I'll be jealous!

--too jealous to log in NV

Anonymous said...

That test sucked. I'm retarded. Thanks for clarifying.

--too stupid to log in NV

ZigZagMan said...

while I'll decline from sharing my test score......lets just say...ummmn, it was annoying!!! :)

only went to Ark once,,,,lost a bet...but that was to Rodgers....hope you goofs have a great holiday!! :)