Friday, October 05, 2007

Search Deep Within

Jaxxx has got a brand new search widget! I got so sick of the other one, I would go and run 'test searches' only to see that it would not pull up an article when I KNOW for a FACT that I have a post with those particular search terms. So I did some surfing around, and I found, and I put up the new and improved search box that you will see if you look on the Right side just beneath my profile container.

AJ's Cool New Search Widget

There are so many things you might have missed, and so much entertaining information that I have brought, that you, my honored readers do not deserve to miss a thing!! So, maybe you've searched the Forrest before, maybe you have not, but do yourself a favor... Try it out! Search yourself, if I have linked you, you'll be there. Search for dirty stuff, see what kind of debauchery you might have missed out on... This widget works wonders!! Try it, like it? Get one for yourself!


Jay said...

Well I don't know. I searched "midget porn" and got no hits. So I'm not sure this one is working right either. I mean surely you've blogged extensively about midget porn, haven't you? ;-)

her indoors said...

i must be having a blonde moment cause i cant find your new search toy

Aunt Jackie said...

hahaha... You're so bad. I'm going to find a way to post midget porn now, just for you Jay.

Indoors, it's near the top on the right, Just UNDER my photo/profile box.

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Jay is funny -and likes smaller women? Ohhh no!!!

I remember my first widget, the code scared the tar out of me, as it looked like Egyptian Hyroglyphics (I don't feel like looking that one up) I am still afraid of them, but live with many!

My new song, Widgy Guy Searchin`

....widgy guy sear er chin
....for a new cool thin
....I love the html and flash
....a hyphen and a dash......