Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Home Sweet Home & WWC

We arrived home yesterday from our 3 night stay in Hot Springs. Everything was nice, I'll detail the story shortly. I've had tons of photos to filter through, and I'm trying desperately to get them ready to present to you guys so you can enjoy a glance at our trip. I'd like the photos to accompany my little rundown of our weekend's events, so that it can bring it to life for you all. So come back soon and see that--I may have it up before the day is over, if not first thing in the morning.

Meanwhile, I'm running late on the day (as I took today as an extra day off), and haven't even posted my WWC for this week (brought to us, as always by the sparkly and magical Tink of Pickled Beef. This week's words are "Disguise" and "Reflection".

"Mr. J (Richie) posing here with Sophia Loren"

For my official "entry", I am incorporating both into one photo... the photo is just a bit fuzzy, but it illustrates what I want. While in Hot Springs, we visited the Wax museum downtown and one of the shots of the Sophia Loren figure I took caught Mr. J in the background... If you think about it, he might be one of the many wax sculptures... or maybe he's just Mr. J. He seems to be 'disguised' within the museum scenery though, to me. As well, it he was caught up in the 'Reflection' as the escalator scene is against a mirror.


These couple of photos also along the escalator scene, are reflective. Just a taste of the photos I have planned for my Picasa web album... However, when I post the Picasa web album selections, they'll include Lake scenes, and photos from our visit to the Garvin Woodland Gardens trail... and a few others. So, come back and check those out soon!!

Have a great afternoon everybody!! It's good to be home.


Jay said...

Great photos.

I've been to a wax museum once and found a lot of the wax figures to be a little creepy. Lots were really life-like too though.

Can't wait to see your trip photos.

Tink said...

Oh sweet Jebus. I didn't catch on that they were wax figures at first and I was thinking, "Was is WRONG with those people??" LOL. Great pics.

Chelle Y. said...

Cool pictures! Glad you played!

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, thanks! Yeah they can be creepy... just as tink says sometimes can trick ya!

Tink, thanks! Yes, they were a little creepy and some of them looked like they were staring at us... Hopefully I'll do better next week's entries.

Chelle y-Cool, thanks, I'm glad you stopped by!

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