Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Got The Fever For The Flavor (WWC)

Well, Happy Tuesday everybody. It is nearly Halloween (tomorrow) which is totally unfair. If not for the date of Halloween, I wish that it would always be on a Saturday. Saturday would be the best day for Halloween to fall on... but that's not under my control.

Halloween is my favorite holiday, due to the fact that I love the time of the year, I love dressing up, and I'm a weirdo anyway so I always got into the whole 'evilness' of it since I'm a little devil ;)

I would usually end up dressing like a vampire, or a red devil or something similar. But as I have said before, the "magic" has somewhat faded just because things have changed so much and I don't get to really spend Halloween with my best friend Tamra anymore... It's not a question of age really. I think a lot of people think that certain things are for children, or people who have children. But I say that it's all in your heart and spirit, and if you feel Inspired by a season, or certain activity then nobody can tell you that you're too old to enjoy or celebrate it any way you see fit. Go with it and have a blast.

On that note, it's time to share what little inspiration I was able to muster for this week's Weekly Word Challenge (WWC) brought to us by the ever-inspiring Tink of Pickled Beef. I always feel a little bit inadequate on these things as I either don't get a chance to spend much time thinking on it, or I can't find the right idea... However, here we go with this week's words "Inspire" and "Create".


I had to think about this, and ask myself the question. 'What truly Inspires me?'. When I thought about that the answer was clear, although probably nothing new to my viewers, it's my Mother. She inspires me all the time, and has a talent for making me believe I can do anything. Ironically, she is also the one who "created" me, so that's a plus.

Also, just being able to take photos at will ever since I finally got a camera that I could enjoy has inspired me to "Create" paintings out of some of them, so each photo itself is a "creation". One of my tendencies, and talents (that I get from my father) is to constantly shoot these silly self-portraits of myself... So I'll share those for you in my venture to:


Frizzy hair and no lipstick me (not my best).

Windmill's can "Create" in a way...

My father always used his tractor to "create" in the garden

In Other News: Lately I've had the oddest cravings for flavors I haven't tasted in a while... just earlier, I had the sensation that I wanted to eat "Hot Fries" and drink "Sprite"... what strange flavors or cravings have you had lately?? Happy Tuesday (All Hallow's Eve Eve) ;)


Tink said...

(Grr. Blogger ate my comment.)

What are you talking about? I think your photos are GREAT! I especially like the windmill one. The one of your Mom is nice too. I like how you used the whole frame for her, no wasted space. Well done girl!

Jay said...

The photos are terrific!

You don't give yourself enough credit, cause I think your pics are always really good and interesting.

Freakazojd said...

Wow, ditto on Tink & Jay! My favourites are the photos of your mother. You not only framed them well, as Tink mentioned, but you created a MOOD...I actually felt like I saw more than just a 2D image of her. Beautiful!

Anonymous said...

The pictures were great manipulation of the word 'inspire'!

Self portraits are a joy to look at(if they come out well! lol)

Happy Halloween eve to you :)

Kell said...

I love the photos of your mom. They're beautiful and what a wonderful tribute to her. The others are great, too. You did good!

Mmmmmmm Hot Fries and Sprite.

Chelle Y. said...

I love the picture of your mom. How sweet!

awa said...

Yep, joining the band wagon...your photos rawk!

Jay Cam said...

guess what..
its halloween!


captain corky said...

Great pics Jackie! Moms really do inspire. Have a great Halloween. ;)