Thursday, October 11, 2007

Only Human

Let me ask you a question (or two, maybe three).
  1. Is it natural for us, as human beings, to seek validation and approval from others?

    • We shouldn't care what others think, but sometimes it is hard not to when you admire another for their skills, or you thought they had an awesome personality or were a great person only to lose their respect or approval, for whatever reason. It's hard for that not to hurt my feelings anyway.

  2. Why do you blog?

    • Of course you blog for yourself, and you may say that you still blog only for your own enjoyment, or therapy or fun. However, be honest. Every one of us likes comments; comments from your 'blog peers' provide some form of validation, and they are an enjoyable form of banter that may not be necessary, but you come to really appreciate, maybe even slightly depend on. So, when you get few or no comments, isn't it just a little disappointing?

So why is it a crime to admit that not only does one enjoy writing for the sake of writing, but being totally honest in admitting that receiving feedback, commentary and 'blog friendship' (not meaning you're obsessed or unnaturally attached to your blog friends, not 'real life') makes you happy, makes you smile... You're somewhat dependent on knowing that people come to visit your blog and enjoy what you write, whether it is a rant, or something funny.

Would it not hurt your feelings if you were suddenly, inexplicably shunned by someone who you admired and whose blog you enjoyed greatly; one who also used to enjoy the same of you and your blog?

Why are people so easy to snap, easily offended or outraged when clearly there is so much more in the world for us to be pissed off at?

I may joke around here and there, I might pick on one of you (My "Blog Friends") and give you a hard time. I might rant about something and be over-emotional some days, but that is me... take me or leave me.

I sincerely hope that I have not offended many of you, but if I did I apologize... If I have said something that I wasn't aware was pushing the limit, or unacceptable, I apologize. I never meant for it to go too far (whatever that may have been).

I truly enjoy everyone who comes here, reads my rants, raves and stupidity and leaves me a comment. I understand when people get too busy to blog, and even if I mention it I am only doing so as a lighthearted "prod". I mean no harm... I do love your attention, I'm not sure I would call myself an Attention Whore, but you do make me smile and make my day a little brighter with your notes, comments and e-mails. Thanks to you all.

I have to move on, however; there is nothing I can really do about upsetting this person who's approval I have lost, except for apologize for whatever I did (which I might never know). I must say, though that I find it dumbfounding and a little ridiculous (?)

As for everyone else, if you still enjoy reading my blog, and knowing "Aunt Jackie" then I hope you stay around and take me with a grain of salt. I am who I am, and that is a big-hearted person (sometimes over-emotional) with a love for humor, sarcasm, and outrageous and offensive-to-many material... Take me or leave me. I hope that you don't cease contact with me, or stop reading and visiting but if you do, please at least tell me why, and if I am in the wrong I will apologize and admit fault.

Everyone deserves that chance, and we all make our mistakes. After all, we're only human.


Beefcake Almighty said...

Life becomes so much easier when you become P.E. (Politically Easy), which is the P.C. way of saying you don't give a shit what anyone thinks of you.

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Beef... Your absolutely right. Just hard sometimes. I'm movin on. :)


Cynnie said...

we all care what people think ..really deep down..
but after awhile when you realize how much work it is to stifle your natural way of being ..your very nature
you quit giving quite the shit you use to .

Beefcake Almighty said...

That first one was just my personal philosophy.

It's quite normal, or human, to seek validation or approval through means like this. But it should never become a quest to validate or seek approval for one's own existence or place in this world.

That's why I just don't give a shit anymore.

As the ol' blacklight stoner poster says "Keep On Truckin'..."

JINKS said...

Good comments from your friends/readers.

Here's my public 2 cents:

You are a great writer, and one hell of a blogger.

We all do and say things that hurt others and most of the time we are totally unaware.

There is no "clause" (that I saw when I signed up for blog )that stated anyone had to acknowledge, approve, or comment on anything anyone else does.

Now, when someone "disses" your sweet ass, hell Jack! put on your big girl panties and go to the source....then march back in here and put up a disclaimer that warns readers you will "shoot to kill" and stop this whiney niney bs......

Don't like my comment.....sue my ass......or block me...or call me and we'll go for coffee and bullets but it won't change a thing cause I (like a thousand other readers) will still love you!!!!!! Jinks.....

Anonymous said...

Comments on blog is an interesting way of getting ideas across.....which is the partial point of blogging!

Yet, there are many daring blogs which have their comment column deactivated

Jay said...

Well we can't be something we're not just to try to be friends with somebody or whatever. It's fun to rack up comments and it's fun to comment on other blogs. It's more fun when it's more interactive and all that.

But, people are strange. They up and disappear or stop coming by for whatever reason. It's totally their loss.

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks Cynnie, I'm over it pretty much. I just think it was a bullshit maneuver on their part and like Jay says, yes It's Their Loss. :-\

Beefy, totally true... I've got my pedal to the metal good buddy!! :)

Jinks, we've discussed this personally, but you're totally right and all. I just have to thicken the skin YET EVEN FURTHER. It's a constant battle.

Too True Joel! Thanks for visiting and all, I love comments and commenting! I know even this person expects people to respond, and should not have been easily offended. People are crazy sometimes.

Jay, you're absolutely right, I am who I am and that's one hell of a person... It is totally their loss and I appreciate the thoughts.

Glad to have all of you guys! Thanks! x

Cindi said...

I'm out of the loop here and can't see where you have ever written anything that would offend someone. I love your blog!
I liked what beefcake said about becoming P.E. I will have to remember that one! By the way...I loved that Flag Pole Sitta song. Haven't heard that one in a long time.

her indoors said...

we seem to be running on parrell lines here, and like me your blog is honest, you are real, you share with us your thoughts, your feelings, happiness and sadness, and we love you for it so keep it up and i am sorry you have lost someone, but yes it is thier loss A J x

captain corky said...

You've never done anything to offend me that I can recall. I enjoy coming to your blog and I consider you to be a friend and I hope our relationship continues through the years.

Further on up the road said...

You'll have seen my post on wanting everyone to love me.

If I post and no one comments I get paranoid real quick. However if I'm posting on the guitars used in a gig I shouldn't be surprised noone else gives a damn... :-)

You keep going AJ - you are alright with me.

Chalice said...

What an interesting post Jaxxx... Kinda goes along the lines of what I was saying on mine.

The question of should we care what others think? Hmmm.. I suppose that only matters if we truly care about that person. Seeking approval isn't bad as long as you are willing to take the criticism along with the praise.

Why do I blog? Simply as a way to put my thoughts out there. If someone doesn't like what I have to say they can simply leave the page. It's all for me anyway. My opinions. My views. If someone happens to agree then that's great and if they don't that's great too... That's what I love about live. We are all entitled to think as we choose...

I don't get pissed if people don't come to my blog. And I think it's simply because like I said above it's for me really. I love comments but what you said about people getting offended or pissed is just not right. I have encountered that. I mentioned getting emails from people who felt slighted by me and I didn't know why. It's all sad sad sad really..

Great post! :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Thank you everyone!! I'm so glad to have made your aquaintance on this blog and I enjoy reading you too, I'll continue on... Your words have helped... :))

awa said...

What th---? Honey you rock on so many levels it is ridiculous! You give this dude too much credit, when really you deserve him at your feet. Your writing is beautiful and I can actually place myself there when I am reading it. I hardly get around these days, because I am big lazy butt--but I wuvsssss me some AJ!

Blublood said...


That's all you got...???? Just kiddin' I know where you are coming from so don't fret okay....Plaese.....