Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Rumer Has It

I don't remember how I came across something that made me think about Bruce and Demi and the kids the other day, but I just did. In doing so, I was shocked to realize that the Willis children are all pretty much grown up now (and are ecstatic I'm sure, to have Ashton K. as a step-father [s]). Of the Willis girls, the oldest is "Rumer"... I'll elaborate on names in a moment.

First, take a look at Exhibit A.
(click to enlarge for full effect!)

Ok, is it just me or looking back do you think that Demi wishes that she had selected a better father genetically than Bruce?? Look at them, I mean Demi had the wide-set jaw, but it wasn't so bad because her chin was rather small. Then comes Bruce with his face shape, jaw, chin, and somewhere, something when terribly wrong.

See any Resemblance??

I feel bad, I am not being intentionally cruel (I swear... I know, "Jackie why are you posting this if you don't mean to be cruel?). You're so right... and I know that genetics cannot be helped (although I hear that she may have even gone and had plastic surgery to fix this issue). It's just such a strike of bad genetic luck though! I can't stop staring! You have to admit that Bruce and Demi as a couple were not the most thoughtful when it came to "naming" the tots either. First of course, you have "Rumer", then there is "Scout LaRue", and then finally "Tallulah Belle". I think if it were me, I'd ban together with my fellow siblings and protest, or well I guess if they hate it bad enough, they will change their name legally.

Celebrities should not be in charge of naming their babies. However, they do continue to provide us with constant entertainment... in more ways than one.


captain corky said...

Most celebrities shouldn't be allowed to talk without permission ;)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

This one is scary...yet looks like it could be true. Cher was a perfect biker chick, no??

I linked to you 3 times I think, and I have you on my sidebar too now. Messy and unorganized - that's me :)

A little "to busy" lately for me, how about you? I seem to never have enough time.

Take care, your blog friend Speedy

her indoors said...

don't know where they come up with the names, just hope they give them a proper middle name that the children can revert to

Jay said...

That's really a tough break for Rumor. I really can't believe that Bruce and Demi's daughter turned out sooooo ... regular. LOL

She's not ugly or anything like that, of course. I'm sure she a good person. Bless her heart. ;-)

Everybody always jokes about he crazy names celebrities come up with for the kids, but I bet most of the kids like their names. Besides, "regular" people (rednecks) can come up with some pretty crazy names also.


Bob Geldof and the late stoned and much lamented Paula Yates chose 'Peaches' and 'Fifi Trixibelle' so it could have been worse.

Peaches seems to be takin' after mum with her pisshead antics. Marvellous stuff.

'N what about 'Brooklyn' Beckham? A long standin' gag over here is thank Christ he wasn't conceived in Peckham.....

Beefcake Almighty said...

I cannot believe you brought in a Rocky Dennis reference.


Aunt Jackie said...

Corkster: I totally agree... LOL!

Speedcat: It does look true, facial expression and jaw... weird. Yeah there's never enuff time at all!

Indoors: Celebrities do weird things.

Jay: Yeah, not "ugly", but you'd expect her to be a bit more Striking than that, of course I've never found Bruce Willis attractive.

Dinners; Guess they're idiots all over huh?? Not familiar with those folks, but still I get the jist.

Beefcake: I must agree...lol j/k I couldn't help myself on the Rocky Dennis. It had to get done.

Cindi said...

OMG, Jackie! I just about spit my diet Coke when I read this post and saw the pictures. You are BAAAAAD! That poor girl. Yeah, I have noticed before that Rumer does look like she needs something done to her jaw. Their middle daughter is quite pretty. I don't remember what the youngest looks like. I always kinda liked the name Scout. I guess because I always loved the character Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird. I assume that is where they got that name.

Lea said...

Now I understand why I felt compelled to watch Mask after seeing a picture of Rumer Willis. Poor thing.