Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to Life, Back to Reality

The labor after Labor Day is probably the most bitter dose, especially when you've taken a vacation from the entire rat race for 5 days. I've not been around really throughout my days off, as I elected to take a break from reality, blogging and anything serious for the whole duration of my time off. I needed it, seriously. I'm not going to apologize then, for my absence at any of the blogs, and if I have missed anything important... I had to get away... I'm back. I will do my best to catch up to you all soon.

Hopefully, everyone had a good weekend. Those of us who were celebrating Labor Day, I trust you enjoyed a nice time whether you were cooking out, taking a trip somewhere fun, or just hiding out, like myself.

Dad's birthday cook-out went very well Friday night. My family seemed to enjoy being together, and most of us were in attendance... which is rare and nice. I got a good many photos from it, but looking back I still didn't get enough, but it was hard to get around with my camera because with most of our family together, it has become a pretty big crowd so it's noisy, distracting and as most of you know, I am a self-professed easily distracted person! I did the best I could though, and hope I was not the only one taking photos anyway.

I'll share a couple shots of my Dad, hamming it up for his 80th Birthday, and I think he looks pretty darn good for 80... he still has a silliness that I think is essential for thinking yourself young (which is something I need to try to work on and hang on to, with my fears about aging and all).

Dad "Hams it up" for the camera

Dad sits down to rest a moment, giving me a handsome smile

Then here is a really cool spider that my mom has hanging around outside, she's quite striking and as you can see, she's put a lot of work into her little abode, and has a nice bug collection going on for her expectant family...

Our very own "Charlotte", with her egg sac waiting patiently

I don't like to get too close to spiders, but I do respect them, and I am all for their benefits--they eat more bugs than you know, so that is a good thing!

So it's Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday. I'm still a little foggy, but I'm trying to wake back up and get into the swing of things. Hope you guys are able to do the same... So we begin, September! Cheers!


PS: Oh, before I forget, my wonderful friend FourDinners, did a fantastic Podcast of his Drunk Punk Radio show for me, called "AJ's Bedtime Special"; he packed in some really cool tunes (go listen if you have time!), and a bit of a 'raunchy' bedtime story that he did just for me as I am a huge fan of his radio voice and his delightful british accent. 'Ta again to you Mate!!' ;) And keep that ticker in tick-tock tip-top shape! We can't do without you!!!


captain corky said...

Nothing wrong with hiding out sometimes. Glad you got some time off from everything. :)

It's full throttle till Thanksgiving.

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks for reminding me how long we have til' the next holiday!! LOL :)

Cool deal though, Corky. I'm looking forward to a good month hopefully!

Can't wait until Heroes returns this month, that's one thing cool!

Tracey's Treasures said...

Great post and your dad does look great! I know what you mean about aging- I am trying to do so as graceful as possible *laugh*
Enjoyed the read.


I intend to continue aging as disgracefully as possible. I have even threatened to have a purple mohican especially for my 50th in December. Probably won't as Caz has threatened to have me institutionalised if I don't pass the mental age of 16 by then....

Drunk Punk was my pleasure (except Caz has listened and wants one of her own now!!!!)


By the way, you're dad looks like my kind of bloke - which may or may not be a compliment depending on your point of view.... :)

Chalice said...

AJ... Sounds like you had a long but good 5 days! Labor Day weekend always seems to be like that doesn't it? Sweet pictures of your father :)

I understand about the blogging as you can see how scare both myself and Blu have been lately. But it happens. Everyone needs a break and even though I shouldn't apologize, I kinda did... But I did finally post today. I know... I know... About time right??

Take care of yourself and don't forget to smile :)

Aunt Jackie said...

Tracey, thanks! It's a work in progress, we just have to keep each other pepped up sometimes. :)

Dinners, you keep Rocking on just as you are, nothing wrong with feeling and acting young! I e-mailed ya, and Thanks--Yes Dad is terrific, and so are you!

Chalice, Yes it was nice, but like a good bowl of ice cream, it's melted away now! I understand about it all, I'm just glad when you guys can post... always!

Jay said...

Your dad looks pretty spry for 80.

Sometimes I just hide out too.

I would kill that spider so fast nobody would know what happened! LOL

Dan said...

Welcome back Jaxxx! I'm glad you enjoyed your time off. And Happy Birthday Jackie's Dad! Yay!

Today feels like Monday for you? To me it felt like Wednesday. After all, I'm off on Friday. Nah nah nah nah nah!! :)

Cynnie said...

aww daddy looks like a pisser..

enjoy him !

awaiting said...

Your dad does look great! Quite a handsome man!

I am fearful of spiders...seeing that pic, made me itch.

Chucky said...

yeah I did some hiding out myself. Well Sunday I went out with some co workers (I'm sure I'll hear about when I go back to work on Wed.) Overall though it was good.

Oh yeah, I even put a link to you in my latest post :P

Aunt Jackie said...

Jay, he is spry, just has to use the walker now... he's alot of fun.

Dan, Thanks! and yes, I'm jealous.

Cynnie, he truly is... and he's one of a kind.

Awaiting, I don't like spiders either but I respect them. Thanks, Dad's birthday was great.

Chucky, Hiding out is great... I love it. Oh, and thanks for the link!

Cindi said...

Love the pics of your Pop. He looks very very good for 80!

I've been blog-shy myself lately so I understand the feeling!