Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Toilet Humor

I spotted this and I could not resist posting it. I know we have many fans of toilets, and the activities that take place in the bathroom (especially you Rockdog and Corky!).
So I have to show you this... the "Amazingly Weird Toilets and Sinks". (Warning, parental advisory as there are some overly-sexy ones lol!!)

clipped from

Weird Toilets Urinals and Sinks from Around the World

Ever been sitting on the tv watching the couch thinking about how people from other parts of the world pee? Here's an awesome collection of cool pics.

img 1

img 2

img 3

img 4

img 5

img 6

img 7

img 8

img 9

img 10

img 11

img 12

img 13

img 14

img 15

img 16

img 17

img 18

img 19

img 20

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Second runner up, was another clipmark article I almost posted:
Could Amy Winehouse Be Pregnant??. Check it out.


James Burnett said...

Gotta say the throne was by far my favorite. Pissin' in that saxophone or whatever that was could prove trouble after a few drinks. I don't know if my aim would be that good for such a small target. Funny. Great post.

Dan said...

I suppose this is what is referred to as toilet humor.

HAR HAR!! I crack myself up sometimes.

Jay said...

Those are pretty cool. Much better than just having a regular every day toilet in your house. Gotta make sure there is a magazine rack in there though. And maybe a bar.

awaiting said...

I would be frightened to the point of peeing myself iffin I ever encountered such loos.

Aunt Jackie said...

James, the throne was pretty interesting. I am not sure what my favorite is... I think I like the pink fuzzy one with the Magazine rack. I have to agree with Jay though, how bout a bar, and maybe a TV?? NO we don't need it to be THAT comfy???

Dan, lol you are correct sir, or I guess that's one way of looking at it.

Jay, as I said above, not a bad idea! But I don't really drink much, maybe there is a substitute for me.

Awaiting, I am inclined to agree, these are pretty freakish! :O

In Ink said...

Now that is art!

Further on up the road said...

I think some of them would just totally confuse me! Still that's never difficult... :-)

I love the idea of TVs in loos, surprised noones done that you get them everywhere else. I'll suggest it here at my company we have TVs in all the halls showing the latest company blurb - someone will think it a good idea...

barnze said...

I like the last one...Pissing on a nun is good....

RockDog said...

Weird shit! (pun intended...)

Nothingman said...

clipmarks is fucking addictive!!!

those toilets! i'd have the king's throne one please :)


her indoors said...

love this post love toilet humour!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Wood?
Why are you "pissing your work time away?"
po'ed, The Boss

Aunt Jackie said...

In Ink, Yes, pretty interesting art at that :)

Further, with TV's in loos, men would never leave!! LOL

Barnze, how about a nun holding a cat sitting next to a clown?? hehehe.

Nothingman, I just discovered clipmarks... it's pretty cool!

Indoors, I got a giggle out of it myself. :)

Anonymous, I like your pun that's cute.