Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Of Popcorn & Pop Princesses

There is absolutely nothing we can do anymore, it seems, that doesn't kill us or give us a disease. This takes the fun out of most activities, don't you think? I know that most of the time when someone dies from something, or gets sick, it's usually due to an overindulgence IN said activity, but still leaves the rest of us wondering 'What Next on our DO NOT LIST??'

Just yesterday I was listening to Howard, and one of their news goodies stated that there was a man who ended up with a very rare lung disease that is usually found only in people with heavy exposure to microwaveable popcorn, like working at the plant where they make it and all. However, this dude did not work with the popcorn, he simply had been eating two (2) bags of the stuff a day, every day for like ten years. Eating it wasn't what gave him the lung disease... it was (wait for it), the steam from the bag... Seems he always liked to inhale that burst of smoky steam from the bag of popcorn upon opening it, and supposedly over time, it got to him.

This sounds so strange to me, one of those freakish things I guess. I was thinking on that, and although I like Popcorn, I can't imagine eating 2 bags a day... everyone has their little hang-ups and eccentricities.

Speaking of burnouts who ran out of steam, I finally watched the very talked about "Britney" performance from the MTV VMA awards. Not that I'm shocked by this, I've never been a fan of pop-sugary-bubblegum-crapola, but she's really turned into a pathetic walking void (made quite an ass of herself too)... I think by the looks of the people in the audience, many do agree. I guess these celebs have alot of pressure on them, and I can't say exactly how I would act in the same circumstances...

I'd like to say that I would handle it all way better than the rest of these tragedies, but can't know that for sure unless I were really to walk a mile in their shoes (or slutty boots, or 7 inch stilettos... whatever the case may be). ;)

Well, I'm off to attempt to make it through a little Harry Potter... not that I don't like it, I just can't seem to get through the movies... Have a happy Tuesday.


Speedcat Hollydale said...

I would much rather eat some killer popcorn that be around that Britney Spears. She is headed for a meltdown it seems! (in the microwave with corn) :)

Is that Harry Potter stuff any good?

Aunt Jackie said...

Hahaha!! Speedcat, I agree. :) Pretty sad.

Harry Potter is actually really good, I just haven't been able to make myself watch the movies all the way through. I don't know why.