Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Cool Your Jets

Right now it is 70 degrees (F), which is roughly 21 degrees (C)... That is a fantastic thing for me. The high is predicted to be about 83 F/28 C, with a low tonight of friggin 57!! (13 C). This is such a dreamy break from the August drought and heat wave we experienced. I'm not fooling myself into thinking that it can't jump back up to 99 again next week, believe me, this is Memphis we're talking about here... but I am definitely enjoying it while it's here. Great weather to just chill-literally!

Then when it actually gets so cool that you can't help but feel that energetic "Snap" in your step, and shivers down your spine, breathing in that frosty delicious fall/winter air, that's when I'll really be ready to party! This has just been so nice, forgive me for going on over the weather. It's those little rains we've been having (finally) that we needed so much! Rain always refreshes everything, including my soul... Ahhhhhhhhh.

Oh hey, a question for any of my buddies who are fluent in spanish... is it always a term of endearment, or a good thing when someone refers to you as "Mami"? Like, "Alright Mami, see ya soon." I read up on it, and not that it was a big deal, just wondering if it is a compliment, or just a general term... It sounded sexy to me, but hey most foreign languages and lots of times accents will have that affect on me. ;)

And so it is Wednesday again, that half-way mark in the middle of the week. Our rusty Monday is a distant memory, and our dreamy friday is still floating in the horizon but it's in view. What are your plans? Anyone have anything fun going on in their area? Fall usually brings some delectable fun along with it. Around here, of course, there is the Delta Fair (which is over I think, and I didn't make it to) & the Mid-South Fair, then from our trendy Cooper Young district in Midtown, there is the Cooper-Young Festival. Then in October we have alot of Halloween related events like the Corn Field Maze, and Memphis Zoo Boo. Yep, Memphis is groovin along with the best of them I guess with events, that is if you want to brave going out to any of them without getting mugged, shot, carjacked, or some combination of crime and abuse like that.

Well I guess I will dive into this lovely Wednesday (Hump Day) and see what I can accomplish, or what I can conjure up for fun and madness today... hope yours is super-delicious as well. -AJ


Cynnie said...

Mami is sort od sexual ..
but not bad,

just like hot chick sort of..

I call men papi all the time ..
It makes me feel flirty and sexy

Aunt Jackie said...

Ahhh well, that's cool. I mean, I'm a "taken" woman but what woman doesn't want to be called "Mami" once in a while?? eh? :) Thank you 'Mami!'