Friday, September 14, 2007

Who Are You?

People in daily life often say this, and I read blogs here and there of people who make note that they either hate what they do for a living, or they are only doing what they do because they have to in order to survive and take care of their families.

I, myself, am still relatively new in the Information Technology area, and I still like what I do very much and enjoy where as well... I'm pretty lucky. Good environment, good people.

Still, the question on my mind today is "What would you REALLY do with your life, if you didn't HAVE to?" This means, what is the one thing that you love more than anything that you would do if you could just be yourself and not have to worry about bills, babies and chains of the daily grind?

Who are you, really? I would be Oil Painting somewhere in Greece or Italy, or maybe just making my way through the USA capturing the essence of our time on canvas one city at a time... Either way, I'm a misplaced artist... (and slacker). No, Actually I'm updating this piece-I couldn't just oil paint, I would do studies in photography, and enjoy photography own its own & combined with art. I would do like Jay (Cynical Bastard he is) says he would, and travel around getting to know people and photographing them for subjects for these works of art... still art, and I would play my music on the side (this would include my poetry writing, lyric writing and writing in general too).

I want to hear from everyone... that would be really cool. TGIF and have a great weekend!


JINKS said...

Since you said everybody...tee hee...I'd be come the hippie I was meant to know, throw away my t.v., move to the country, build me a home,plant a little garden, eat a lot of peaches, find Jesus on my own.

Jay said...

I would be a gigolo. Okay, I'm kidding. I'd be a porn star. LOL .. Can't believe I got in here before Rockdog to make that comment.

Actually I would live life on the road. Probably an extended van, maybe an RV, but the van would be easier to drive. I would just wander around from town to town, meeting people, hanging out in the local diners and pubs and seeing all the sights. My home base would probably be a small fishing village somewhere. Maybe in Maine, maybe Florida or even California. When I'm home I'll go down to the marina every evening to see what the catch of the day is and talk to the fishermen and listen to their stories.

Maybe I'd move to England for a while too. A little cottage in the Cotswolds or again maybe another fishing village over there too. There, instead of driving a big van I would probably bicycle or walk around to all the little towns and do the same thing there as here.

Or maybe I'd move to Asia for a while. Say Thailand for a couple of years. It's really cheap there. I could check out all the ancient temples and explore a world that is completely opposite of mine.

Aunt Jackie said...

I'm glad that 'the hippie you were meant to be' stopped by. My favorite bloggers are coming by to see me less and less. Yay Jinks!!

Jay, Rock is one of my 'favorites' that I mention above that I miss... He comes by, but he doesn't say much anymore... That's o.k. though, I still get a smile when he does pop through. :)

Let me know when the porns come out and I'll make sure to go and rent them--hehe... No the life on the road one would be so neat. I had to readjust my entry because I would have to go and capture on film all the interesting sites, then go and paint them... ahhh what a life it would be.


I'm a misplaced artist too....a piss artist...where's me beer?

Who or what am I? I dunno. I'm goin' to post it. Whatever it is..

Jay said...

Hey, you asked about WWC over on my blog.

If you play along post your pictures on your blog on Tuesday's post. Then after Tink posts (she's the host) on Tuesday go over and comment on her blog at:

Tell her you played too and then everybody can come over and see your pics. And you can go and tell everybody else how great their pics are too!

Aunt Jackie said...

Dinners, I don't know about "Artist" but you're a "work of art" you are!! ;) I'll bring you your beer...

Jay, Thanks for the info--I shall start participating next week!

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

A have wanted to be a writer and movie director. Practicality led me else where.

The place I work sucks, my job is cool.

Hattigrace said...

Interesting! I came over here to see why 4D is all riled up! I will think on this and do a post later. How long you been painting? I just started, that is, since high school art class!

Nothingman said...

if there is something i really wanna do...that is travel :) on my bike, just fill the tank and GO!
let the road take me where it goes...

also i'd love to meet all the bloggers here who visit me and say hi to them, have a beer, may be a coffee, just chat...and travel, yes travel a lot! :D


Aunt Jackie said...

Ole Blue: You write very well, I can imagine you doing that. :)

Hattigrace: Since I was in about 4th grade I guess, except for my lack of motivation, I am lazy... :(
I'll look for your post!

Nothing: Traveling is cool, and there are so many bloggers all over. I imagine it would be a great trip!

Speedcat Hollydale said...

I would be a teaching pro at a beautiful resort golf course and lodge in the two favorites, golf and meeting people.

BTW - I have an "add your own link" widget on my blog too. I post link that list every week. Please enter your site there too if you wish...way better than a one time only link!

Further on up the road said...

A guitarist. Simple all I ever wanted to be. The job in IT was a stop gap until I got serious in music... hmm 26 years on... :-)

I always portray myself as a rock god of course. But the reality is I'd rather be a flamenco guitarist supporting one of those amazing dancers. I can't play flamenco though - probably the reason why that's the dream.