Saturday, September 15, 2007

I Blog, Therefore I am

You know why I sometimes prefer to hide in the fluffy comfort of "Blogville"? Because here, you can express yourself, your thoughts, let people know what's on your mind and most of the time I feel accepted "as is". Whereas maybe in daily (real) life, here at home or in public I just feel like ripping people's faces off sometimes...

I should not have to feel guilty for having strong feelings or emotions, and I should feel comfortable to express myself whenever I want to without always feeling like I've done or said too much, or that I have made someone dissatisfied or gotten on their last nerve.

One might ask, "Why are you always blogging?" My answer... "Because there, I can smile for free."

Sometimes I just want to say "Go To Hell".



Spot on AJ. Bloggin' is a release. When I started I said "Doin' it for me". I'll stop if it ever stops bein' for me.

Nothingman said...

I blog for the kick ;) writing stories is a fucking high, i mean write a story in the morning, kill a few people in that and nothin pisses you off the rest of the day!

My therapy for depression;)
Though rippin people's faces is also a cool idea!!:D

Aunt Jackie said...

Thanks 4D! I do blog for myself, but I always appreciate my frequent and faithful blog-friends like you! Ta x

Nothingman! I agree... I tried to do a central 'premise' for my blog at one time, I try to put in stories or poetry when I feel the urge, but it is what it is. Like it or leave it... Thanks, glad you enjoyed my angry rant :D

her indoors said...

here here AJ here here

Aunt Jackie said...

Indoors: ;) I have my occasional rants... hehe.