Monday, September 17, 2007

Mondays are Funky

Mondays are good, AND bad... I know they get a bad rep because mostly they loom over us like some blood-sucking, brain-eating zombie creature... but they don't have to be all bad. I've had a couple cups of coffee and I'm seeing things through caffeine-goggles... hey man, whatever it takes.
Started the day off with the Engine light coming on in my car, so after sorrowfully parting with $50 dollars for 'diagnostic services' to ensure that I wasn't about to have to overhaul the engine, I found out that it was just a loose hose... that's nice. That could have gone towards a tank and 1/2 of gasoline, or a few groceries, but Mr. Mechanic, I ain't mad atcha.

Following in with Mr. J about 2 weeks late (due to my lack of motivation and my weak willpower) in eating close to The Anabolic Diet, but I will be making some adjustments to that plan as a female. Also, we won't be eating high-fat meats and stuff, we'll be ingesting healthy "GOOD" fats, like Olive Oil, Fish Oil, Flaxseed, etc... a "Clean" way of controlling carbs... not like the old "Low-Carb" diets that looked like a coronary on a plate... so wish me luck, I'm trying to surge my metabolism, and get a kick-start to the fitness plan. We've been working out very regularly so it should go fine.

I'm missing alot of my blog friends that rarely come around anymore, Chelly from 'I Miss My Childhood', as well as "However", has been scarce... Chells hope you're doing o.k... and also "Blondie" who's site still hasn't been restored. There is Serenity, who I haven't heard from in some time--If you read this, know I'm thinking of you! Chalice and Blu you guys know I miss your visits. I know you're busy alot, but I hope that is all it is and I have not somewhere offended you (and Chalice I know you come by a bit more often it seems). As well, there are others who I know read pretty often and may or may not leave a message or comment, and that's fine... I miss all of you when you don't come by! However, you guys know I much prefer getting to enjoy your commentary, but I am not mad at you for not commenting... but I do feel a little left out when you don't... A word or two is sufficient! :)

Anyway, that's about all I have for today. Tuesdays, I'm going to begin participating in some photo fun provided by Pickled Beef, thanks to Jay for turning me on to that bit of fun... since I have my Nikon now, it will help keep me inspired.

Your assignment for this week is to continue Rockin Out Hardcore for your bad-to-the-bone Aunt Jackie... XOXO


Chalice said...

Jax... It's kind of interesting reading what you wrote because I kind of did a post about blogging and the people who blog.

I want to respond to your possibly offending me because you have not. What could you have possibly done to offend me or Blu??

Truth be told, we are busy with life and nothing more. I don't get on here as much as I like but there is nothing more too it. We both talk about blogging more but then we get sidetracked...

Remember, life happens with every blink of an eye...

Take care of yourself :)


Wanna swap Mondays?

Went to work should've stayed in bed.

Mind you I'm not half enjoying the beer tonight....

Jay said...

Remember when we could just take our car to a friendly redneck mechanic and he'd start it up and drive it around the block, then look at the engine and say "Oh, here it is!" and fix it for a reasonable price.

God, I sound like an old man. LOL ;-)

Ole Blue The Heretic said...

I just ignore my old truck when it has problems. ;-)

People seem to blog less in the summer time I have noticed and it picks up around football season.

It goes down around Christmas season and comes back up during the winter.

Chelly said...

Hello Lovey!! Thank you for thinking of me. :)

I haven't been blogging much lately. Been a bit busy and just sort of drifted away from blogging (for now). I just got caught up with many of your wonderful posts though. Good stuff here!

You're awesome and I miss ya too.